What editing program should I get?

I get asked a lot from people “What editing program should I get?” and I always say the same thing.  If you are just starting, or have been doing photography for a while, get Adobe Photoshop Elements.  Why? Because it will do 90% of what most people will want to do with a picture, from colour and density corrections to removing a flaw to adding text Elements will do it.

Very few people need the full version of Photoshop and with not being able to buy it (you now have to rent it every month) it really is not worth it.  Plus the full version of Photoshop is harder to learn and stay on top of then Elements.

Once you get Photoshop Elements I also advise people to stay with the version that they have and do not upgrade. Upgrading may bring in new features and functions but at the same time things may get changed and cause more headaches than anything.  The only reason I would upgrade is if there is a new feature that you need or if you shoot in RAW and use Elements to edit your RAW images and the current version you have does not support your RAW file format.

So what about all the other editing programs that are available?  Well you can get many programs but I have not found one yet that does as much as Photoshop.  Many programs will do a few things but when you get more advanced you will find yourself switching to Photoshop and you will have to learn a new program, may as well learn Photoshop from the start.

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