Covid Stock Update

I thought I would give everyone a Covid Stock Update. It has been a challenge for the last few months to get stock. BUT I think I am now fully stocked up for Christmas.

I had to scramble as a number of my regular suppliers were out of stock. Behind on production, just plain not able to meet the orders or shipping delays.

So I had to work to get my hands on the stock that I needed and even ended up having to order extra to make sure that I would have at least one supplier deliver.

So a breakdown on levels:

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Lots of archival Epson paper

Photo paper – I have all of my photo paper in. From luster, gloss, metallic, canvas & fine art.

Two of my suppliers have been out of stock since July!

Fortunately I found another supplier that sells the same manufacturers paper that has stock.

Photo Ink – This was the one area that I did not have a huge issue with. I did have an order this summer get delayed but after two weeks shipping from Toronto it showed. So I ordered enough to run till the New year JUST in case.

Laminate – I received an Email in June from the supplier that I get my fine leather laminate from. They had a roll of each in stock and that was it. So I quickly grabbed that to add to my inventory just in case.

Foam board Challenge

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Covid stock update – NEW foam board cutter

Foam Board – For the past several years I have struggled with foam board. The supplier that I used was having issues for a number of years. Unfortunately for me they are the only supplier that will ship precut sizes. SO this summer I did something that I was not planning on doing and that was I added a foam board cutter. THE GREAT PART is that it allowed me to start carrying a couple other brands of foam board. NOW I carry a new archival white foam board. Along with my regular black AND I can cut any size that you would like.

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Lots of frames to choose from – Classic black, Walnut, black beveled, White & Walnut Beaded

Frames – This was the big area that I was worried with. MANY frame shops across Canada and the US have been having huge issues with getting stock. I placed two very large frame orders in September to top up my stock. One I was able to get one the following week. The second order was shorted most of the stock. Three weeks after placing that order they got all the stock in. This past Friday they shipped that order!!!


I started a new on-line print ordering system!! So now you do note even need to leave your house to order prints. Order from your house AND if you like for an additional charge you can have them delivered to you the same day!!

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Covid Stock Update – Christmas

If you would like anything printed from digital files, negatives, slides or prints come on in. I would be happy to help. Tell all your family and friends about me as well, I would really appreciate that.

I am extending my production hours starting next week. This will help me to stay on top of all the order that are coming.

I do suggest coming in sooner rather than later to make sure that I do have stock.

Thank you for your support, from Lethbridge’s only locally owned and operated Photo lab.

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Who am I??

Started in 1985 by Mike Paterson. Paterson Photography quickly grew to be one of the leaders in the photography industry in Lethbridge and southern Alberta.  Paterson Photography has always been on the cutting edge of the photo industry.

Experience & equipment to handle the job

Over 36 years of photographic printing experience. The newest state of the art printers. 

Printing for companies all over western Canada. From graphic designers, lawyers, businesses, photography studios, photographers to manufacturers and architects.

My printers are used by some of the top print houses, museums and fine art collectors around the world. Designed to give you the best image possible on an assortment of media. 

From traditional lustre paper, matte, semi-matte. To high gloss photo paper, fine art paper or top of the line canvas. All the media to meet your requirements.

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