Covid-19 April 30/20

Here is my update for Covid-19 for April 30/20.

As per my doctor and the government the building is still closed to the public. Several of my serves are available.

 Covid-19 for April 30/20 update

Photography / studio photography

The studio is not open nor do I have any idea on a date that I will be open. As I have no idea when this will be over I am not booking any photo sessions at this time and all sessions till the end of May are now cancelled. I would be happy to take your information and when we get an all clear I will call you to book.

Photography Courses

All in person photography courses are cancelled till the end of May. Courses are now available on-line. Click here to see my courses.

Printing & Restorations

The printing department is now open!! Supplies are in stock and some more are coming in to top everything up. A couple frame suppliers are closed but I have good stock on most sizes and types. Files can be sent online (I can help you with a couple different programs to easily do this), once the order is done then I will send an invoice that you can pay by Etransfer or Paypal. When you come to pick-up your work call me when you are at the studio and I will put your order outside on the table. (You cannot come into the building). Delivery also available for an extra charge.

Customer service

I am known for my customer service and this will continue even with Covid-19. You have two options to continue this. First you can send in your files and I will adjust and print for you. All images will be corrected to professional image standards. You will get the best possible image from the file that you send in. Or if you like I can do the editing for you while you watch on-line. This way you can see the changes and the cropping that I will be doing. The viewing program is free to use but you must have either Internet or data to take part in this.

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