Computer safety

I am often asked what I do to keep my computers safe from viruses, ransomware and spyware.  Well I can honestly say that I do not do a lot of crazy things like running special firewalls or some intense CIA made software. I do a lot of little things like keep my virus programs up-to-date and make sure they are run on a regular bases (weekly – NOT yearly), keep other programs up-to-date and I am careful when surfing the web.

BUT the big thing that I do is that I DO NOT click on links that people send me.  E-mails like “Mike you need to see this” are deleted as soon as they arrive, or “You will laugh so hard when you see this” find the garbage as soon as I see the E-mail.  Now you may think I am being harsh not to look as I know these people but E-mails from people that you know are the easiest way to spread something. Some people say they only open links sent by texts or by Facebook messenger, but I do not even do this as they can be as dangerous in my mind as the Emails.

Honestly there are only so many crazy cat pictures, funny jokes, amazing pictures of this or that or ways to make money that I need to see. Sure I may be anti social but I would rather have time to do other things than to remove viruses from my computers.

Will my paranoia keep me safe? I hope so but I cannot say for sure.  I have also backed up my files to other drives and computers and I print more important items  so I have them.

So the next time you get an E-mail from your golfing buddy think is it really worth the risk to open it, or is it better to delete it?????

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