Cold Day Project

Cleaning the house and found some money that I thought I had lost. Seeing it was so cold outside I figured that a shoot inside was in order. I have been playing with shallow depth of field lately but even with that if I put the bills on the floor or table the background was in focus as the bills are so thin. I did not want to damage the bills with tape, glue or a clip but I did want to have the bill in focus and a out of focus background. So I suspended the bills away from a background to throw the background out of focus by holding them in my fingers.

With cold weather you look for something to do inside!
With cold weather you look for something to do inside!

When shooting something like this unless you are doing it to show the entire bill, like if you are selling them, you do not need to show the entire subject. People will know what the rest of the bill looks like. If you are trying to sell them and show the overall quality then laying the bills down would be better.

I am not sure if I like this one or the previous one better

The first picture has some out of sharp but I like that as it gives a little more life to the picture. At the same time I like the seconds one as they are all in focus.

Canon 5D Mark IV

100 ISO F1.8 @ 1/80 second

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