Cleaning your camera sensor

I am not going to get too in-depth in this as just about every camera book has a procedure for cleaning the sensor.  I did want to say a couple things in addition to what your books may say:

1 – DO NOT use any canned or compressed air to clean the inside or outside of your camera.  Outside the air can actually blow dirt into the camera, inside air can contain particles (very small) that will damage glass on sensors or blow mirrors out of the camera.  If you want air to use you can buy a manual blower that will do this.

2 – Be careful if you use cleaning fluid to clean your sensor.  I received this from a sensor cleaning company “Avoid using Methanol (alcohol cleaner comes under diff names such as Eclipse), this solvent may harm your sensor coating”. This is something that I did not know.

3 – Make sure that before you try cleaning your sensor that the batteries are fully charged.  Having the mirror drop as the camera shuts off will damage the mirror if you are poking around inside the camera.

Good luck and good cleaning!

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