Christmas present for the photographer

I get asked a lot from photographers and those that have to buy gifts for them what is good to get/give for a present.  I think I have answered this before but thought that it is a good time to do it again as I have been asked many times this week. So lets go through some things;

Lenses/camera – unless someone really needs a new camera  it is more important to get better lenses than to get another camera body.  A GOOD lens will do far more to improve a photo than a camera body will. Don’t upgrade a camera just to get a new camera, save the money and get some pro lenses it will amaze you the difference.

Tripod – If you are getting a tripod for someone, get a good quality one.  A cheap one will break or move too much.

Monopod – A cool gift for someone that likes hiking is a walking stick with a tripod head built in.  Also, if you have someone that wants a little more stability when shooting a monopod gives that without the weight and size of a tripod.

External Hard drive – most people never have enough storage space for pictures.  An external hard drive can fix this problem.

Hand Warmers – (okay I am a wimp and I admit it) My daughter bought me a set of reusable hand warmers a few years ago, WOW are they nice.  Last about 20 minutes and will take the cold off when shooting, or keep with in case of emergency.

Warm clothes – (see wimp comment above) – Standing and shooting is different than doing other things outside.  If you have someone that likes to shoot outside in cold weather this is great!

Camera bag/ backpack – Most people have a camera bag that they have outgrown.  A new camera bag that holds all the equipment is a great idea.

Photo Course/Adventure/Expedition – (I had to put this in) One of the top presents that we sell at Christmas is our courses.  A location course, studio course or adventure is a great gift.  Like one customer that received one last Christmas said “In addition to the learning the best thing was a day with another photographer that allowed me to take the time to take the pictures that I wanted”

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