Van updates

I have several van updates that I have on the to do list. In the past year I have not done a lot on the van. Using it and has been the most fun! I do have a number of little things planned but the weather sure has not been helping me. This past weekend I wanted to get into a couple projects. But it was so cold I only got one done then went back and hibernated.

Sliding drawer Van Upadate
Build shelf, toss stuff on and hibernate again
Top shelf is easier to get into.
Top shelf is easier to get into.

I had thought for a while about adding a slide to the cupboard where I keep my food. Was going to do both shelves when I thought about it. But after doing just the one I realized that that was all I needed to do. Now I can pull out the bottom shelf to see what is in there. The top shelf I can see into so I am happy.

I managed to get the shelf built and installed. Then it got cold and rainy so I tossed everything back in and went to work in the garage. Took a couple pictures today as the snow was melting!

Another project done a few weeks ago in a brief warm-up was the towel rack in the bathroom. Not a big deal but helps to keep me organized.

Now all I need to do is to wait till it warms up so I can do a couple more van updates.

Bathroom van update
Bathroom just about done.

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Mountain Frame

So this past Saturday I made another mountain frame. I like the ones without a back but I wanted this one to have a picture behind it, after all I am a photographer 🙂 Made the frame, stained and painted it and took it with me to the studio. Then I started going through my files to see what I wanted to put behind the mountain frame.

Found a really nice picture of Red Rock Parkway from this past summer. It was PERFECT!!! I resized and cropped it and was getting ready to print when I thought I should look at a few more and BINGO. I hit on the best picture yet for my mountain frames. My son and I were in Waterton this past fall and we stopped at Maskinonge. It was a perfect day with snow, blue skies and blue water. I shot a few dozen pictures and made a really cool pano, from that series one picture stood out and was saying I will look great in a mountain frame.

Now my issue is that I have another frame I don’t want to sell 🙂 Oh well as soon as it warms up I have another idea for a frame and will make another one like this one and try one with my new idea as well.

Mountain shelf
I like them without anything on the shelves
Mountain shelf
But I like them even more with items that have a significance to them.
Mountain shelf hung on the wall
Mountain shelf hung on the wall at the studio, I do like!!!!!

If you are interested in a mountain frame I do sell them. At this time I have three at the studio – two without pictures behind them and this one. This would look amazing in a den, living room, bedroom, office or cabin.

Contact me for pricing and any special requests.

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Wine / glass carriers – woodworking

The latest wood project a wine carrier. For those that don’t know my other hobby / side business is making wood products. I like to make products that either my daughter, daughter-in-law or I sell. In December I built a couple wine/ glass carriers and they were still in the garage waiting to be finished. With the crazy winds of Saturday I needed something that I could do inside and finishing the carriers was just what I needed. But first I had to build another mountain frame for a print so I started with building that.

Work shop

I built the mountain frame and while the glue was drying I got the wine carriers out and cleaned them up to be stained. I LOVE this part!! This is when I get to go into the storage room under the basement stairs where I store my paints and stains and select the stain color. It is hard to select only one color so I picked out three colors (usually I pick more than I need so I can narrow it down by staining a piece of test wood) then I headed out to the garage. To me I feel that each item has colors that compliment it and colors that don’t.

Stain Time

The first color I selected I LOVED!!! It was a Minwax stain called Sedona Red that I fell in love with. It went so well with the rope handle they looked like they were made for each other. I got the first one stained then set out to do the second one. The second one I tried a couple stains till I found out which one I liked the best. The second one I settled on a stain from Minwax called Provincial as it reminded me of something from a old ship galley and the wooden handle just looked like it needed that color.

Both carriers looked amazing once stained. I finished up the carriers and let them dry over night. Sunday with the snow I decided that a photo shoot was in order. The good thing with having something to photograph and a warm house to do it in is that you can take your time and enjoy the process. I love shooting, looking at the items then doing more pictures. A snack in between is good as well!

Canon 5DMIV
Canon 24-70
400 ISO hand held
Lighting is diffused outside light and the dining room light.

Wine glass carrier
Wine & glass carrier
Wine / glass carrier
Wine & glass carrier

So the next time you find yourself with time on your hands thanks to the weather find something to photograph and make a day of it.

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