My photographic bucket list – The Marmot

The Yellow-bellied Marmot another subject on my bucket list

Marmot on the look out
Marmot on the look out

I have never written down a bucket list but I do have one or should I say two. Today I found something on one of those lists – a Yellow-bellied Marmot. Some days they seem to get longer as I hear of new subjects that I would like to shoot.  The reason that I have two bucket lists is that one list I try to keep realistic. Items on that list are accessible to me in western Canada, like the Yellow-bellied Marmot. On the second list I have items that are crazier like a lion in Africa, Penguins, Tigers, etc.

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Yoho National Park

A quick trip to Yoho.

A visit on Father’s Day to one of my favorite waterfalls. #Takakkaw Falls in Yoho National Park. Was planning on a whole weekend trip but the weather tossed a wrench into those plans but Sunday was amazing in Yoho.  Sometimes even a shorter trip is worth the time to get out to those places that are important to us. It was not the warmest day but being in the mountains when it is cooler fits the mountain feel. Dressing a little warmer, standing in the rays of the sun when you exit a forest trail all are part of the mounting experience.

While the drive to Takakkaw falls is hair raising for some it is a drive that prepares you for the magnificent views.  The only problem was that since the last time that I was there I totally forgot the hike to the falls. I remember there was a trail but it seems that the trail got longer.  Add to that carrying the camera gear that I take and the altitude and I took my time. But in the end everything was worth it!

Takakkaw Fall, Yoho National Park
Takakkaw Fall, Yoho National Park

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Learning – White Turtle III

Learning, Learning & Learning

White Turtle III - Learning as I go!
White Turtle III – Inside, Learning as I go!

I have been learning a lot with the build of my van……… it has been a lot of fun, a challenge and I have to say again FUN!!!  I love learning new things and building the van has really challenged me to learn. Looking at the van today I am 100% done with the functional part of the build. I could leave tomorrow and drive anyplace in the world and the van would do what I want it to.

What I want from the van

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