The frustration of photography

You think you have just shot your best image. But nobody else does.

I hear it so often from clients and friends and I feel it myself and that is FRUSTRATION with photography. 

  • You shoot what you think is a great picture and when you get to editing it sucks!
  • An amazing picture has hundreds of likes and you don’t sell any.
  • Friends and strangers compliment you on your work but get no bookings to shoot.
  • You see a horrible picture on social media and it has thousands of likes. Another picture that is amazing has a dozen likes

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Exercising a hawk

Found the dear

Monday after shooting at St. Mary’s Reservoir for part of the afternoon I came back to the studio to download some images and do some edits.  I had supper and thought it would be fun to head to Helen Schuler Nature Center to photograph some of the deer that hang around there and their velvet antlers. I got to the river bottom and started my search. After about ten minutes I found the deer and started to get into position.  As I was getting set-up I heard a hawk call from a long ways away.  I got a few images of the deer and noticed that the hawk was still calling.

Deer with velvet antlers
Not sure what happened to this guys antler.

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