The frustration of photography

You think you have just shot your best image. But nobody else does.

I hear it so often from clients and friends and I feel it myself and that is FRUSTRATION with photography. 

  • You shoot what you think is a great picture and when you get to editing it sucks!
  • An amazing picture has hundreds of likes and you don’t sell any.
  • Friends and strangers compliment you on your work but get no bookings to shoot.
  • You see a horrible picture on social media and it has thousands of likes. Another picture that is amazing has a dozen likes

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Exercising a hawk

Found the dear

Monday after shooting at St. Mary’s Reservoir for part of the afternoon I came back to the studio to download some images and do some edits.  I had supper and thought it would be fun to head to Helen Schuler Nature Center to photograph some of the deer that hang around there and their velvet antlers. I got to the river bottom and started my search. After about ten minutes I found the deer and started to get into position.  As I was getting set-up I heard a hawk call from a long ways away.  I got a few images of the deer and noticed that the hawk was still calling.

Deer with velvet antlers
Not sure what happened to this guys antler.

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RV’s and quirky gear

VW Vanagon a classic RV
My Dad’s first VW Vanagon

RV types

In the world of recreational vehicles (RV’s) there are many types and styles. From your small tow behind trailer to your amazing class A’s. Some that will do everything with the push of a button except make the bed.  But there is one RV that has a following that is legendary and that is the VW Vanagon.  The VW is not a luxury machine in any way.  It is practical, comfortable and some would even say fun but luxury is not on the VW list.  Neither is reliability or speed on the benefit list in anyway. But the VW has a insane following that is unmatched in the RV world.  If you want to know how insane just drive a VW camper down a highway. When you pass another VW you will see the other person waving and

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Spring Birds

Some of the spring birds I saw from a drive this past weekend.  East of Coaldale. It is amazing how one day you can look and not see a bird then the next day they are everywhere! With all the fields flooding the returning birds are finding lots of open water to land in.  A …

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Buying quality, the search can be worth it!

Buying quality, the search can be worth it!

I am not sure if quality is going out of style, prices are just getting ridiculously high for mediocre items or if it is just me, but I am finding it a lot harder these days to find the quality products that I actually want to spend my money on. This is true in many areas of our daily life as well as photography and it can be really frustrating!

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