History is not as boring as school makes it out to be!

Many times over the years when I have been either taking pictures, editing or printing I think about how what I do today would look to those that have gone before us in the photography and printing business. What would a photographer from the 1900’s up to the 1970’s think of the cameras that we had to shoot during the last years of film photography. Or what would photographers up to the late 1980’s think about digital. Or my big one what would people think about the digital editing and printing that we can do now. I tell people that if I could go back in time 50 years or more with my computer and my printer I could own the printing industry both for photographs and for printing of signs, posters, etc. With the equipment I have today I would be able to do retouching to photographs or print jobs that would be unheard of in years gone by. Or jobs that took days to do I could do in minutes.

Searching for my history

After my father passed away I was going through a pile of old papers he had and found some information on my grand father. My grand father on my father’s side passed away when my dad was just a young boy. I knew very little about him but I did have the blessing to come across some military records for him. As I was reading them I found out something that was SHOCKING!!! My grandfather was a printer early on in life. I actually found some other documents later on that lead me to believe that even after he came back from the war that he was a printer.

From my families history a military record
My grandfather’s military information

I wonder what it would be like to work along side of him printing a book in the way he did or print a poster advertising an event. Then being able to show him what I can do now. Need a poster for advertising – it would take a printer back in the 1900’s the better part of a day to layout and print. Today I can do it in a few minutes and I can make changes in seconds. Or showing someone like Ansel Adams how I could retouch, adjust and print photos in minutes that would take his darkroom tech days!

Today will be tomorrow’s history

I guess the saying is true that history does repeat itself. I also wonder if my grandson or a great grandchild will ever go into the photography or printing trade? I wonder if they will have technology that I could only dream of today or more so I could not even think of today. It is cool to think about!

Artwork Digitizing & Copies

Artist Karen Coe with one of her prints I had the privilege of digitizing
Artist Karen Coe with one of her paintings I had the privilege of digitizing. Yes I do digitize large prints! This is actual size, to give you an idea how big it is the middle painting is 36″ long by 24″ high, then the hide and the frame.

The call goes something like this..

“Hi do you copy artwork”
“Large work”?
“Really large work”?
“Like something around 11×14 or 16×20”?

Many people are shocked when they find out that I can copy original artwork so artist’s can make copies of them. Seeing that they have been told by other places that they can only do originals that are 8×10 or smaller. Well I can digitize LARGE, REALLY LARGE originals. I can digitize any size from wallet size to 12 feet tall in my studio and larger if I should go on location. How about the size of the side of a building!

If you want more information go to my artwork copy page

Planning for 2019 – my goals

So as 2018 comes to an end I am planning or setting my goals for what I want to do for the next year. I have the same general plans / goals for each year…

  • Improve my photography
  • Keep my website & blog up to date
  • Improve print quality and types of prints offered
  • Add more courses and workshops

But those are general and if I did not have them then there would be a big problem as everyone or every business should have plans / goals like these that they work towards.

I am looking at specific plans or goals to work towards. I have heard many experts say we should have three types of plans / goals in our lives. The first are the BIG ones, or the dream plan. The second is the more achievable ones (medium goals) but still will require some work and the third is the easy ones (little goals). SO for the next year so far I have the following…..

Big Goals

  • Drive to the Northwest Territories
  • Drive to Ontario for the fall colors
  • Go to Churchhill to photograph the polar bears
  • Get out kayaking more

Medium Goals

  • Upgrade my 70D’s to the promised Canon 7D mark III
  • Add a vacuum press to the printing department
  • Head back to the coast for a whale watching trip
  • Head to Jasper to photograph Caribou
  • Add more premade frames to my selection
  • Update some of my display prints in the studio
  • Build a copy center for artwork and get polarizing filters for lights
  • Market more of my nature / wildlife work

Little Goals

  • Clean-up the backroom and the attic
  • Clean up my camera gear, and organize
  • Get out shooting more
  • Organize the shooting room more
  • Update my outside sign
  • Switch out my main hard drive in the office
  • Build more specialty frames

I know that these will change but I like having things to work towards. On last years list was a major rebuild of my website and I FINALLY got to it with two weeks remaining in the year, but it feels great to have that mostly done.

So what are your goals / plans for 2018?

Art Cards

Printed on fine art water color paper.  These cards have a very expensive feel and look at a reasonable price.

Suitable for Christmas cards, Birthday cards, Thank you cards, Art cards with your art work or photography that you give as a gift or sell at craft shows and many more uses.

Flat Cards

Flat cards are 5×7 in size and can be printed with or without borders. Back text can be black & white or color.

5×7 flat cards (standard – no text on back) $2.20
5×7 flat cards (deluxe – with text on back)  $2.30

Folding cards

Folding cards are 5×7 when folded and must have a border of 1/4″ on all sides. Back text can be black & white or color. Printing can be inside on top of fold, below fold and / or on back of card.

5×7 Folding cards with or without inside text including envelopes $2.75

Card Boxes

When you want to put together a collection of cards this is the choice. A clear top with black bottom will easily hold up to 24 folding cards and envelopes, or up to 48 flat cards and envelopes.

Boxes/ tops $4.00 each

Printing – to custom profile or not, that is the question!


After reading many posts on various forums about printing and using color profiles (canned VS custom) it got me thinking. I decided to do some tests to see the difference between provided profiles from Epson and paper manufacturers and the profiles that I make.


  • Epson 3880 (x2)
  • Epson P7000
  • Colormunki Photo running the new I1 Studio software

Read morePrinting – to custom profile or not, that is the question!