Image Stabilized Lenses – Gimic or Need

Image stabilized – yes or no??

I get asked a lot about the need for image stabilized lenses. Many people also want to know if a point and shoot camera should have image stabilization.  People want to know if it is needed to get good pictures or just a gimmick and if it is worth the money?

If you would have asked me years ago I would have said outright don’t waste your money. But as I get older and I push my photography limits I have to say that I do like it.

First a little background

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My lenses

I often get asked to describe the lenses that I use and to let people know what I think of them so I will do an update on my lenses. Not a lot has changed in the past year for the lenses that I carry but I have found out a few things that changed …

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Image stabilizing lenses do you need them or not?

Image stabilizing lenses do you need them or not?

First let me say that I am talking about image stabilizing, vibration reduction and shake reduction but I will refer to it as IS as I shoot with Canon and that is the term that I am familiar with. Also, this article applies to DSLR cameras that have the IS in the lenses and not point and shoot cameras, Hybrid or DLSR cameras with the IS in the body.

Image Stabilizing Lens

So do you need image stabilizing lenses?

Honestly, no you do not.  Even with so many people saying that you do – really you do not.  A good sharp lens and you are all set, if you need more stability you can simply use a tripod or a mono pod.  But in the real world it is not always that easy.  I have a number of lenses without IS and really I do not have a problem with shooting with those lenses and I get some great pictures from them.  But I do like the lenses that have IS and I do like the ability to push the limits of my photography and the lenses that I use.

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A lens filter or no lens filter?

When teaching I am always telling my students that buying a lens filter for the sake of having a filter is not a good thing, the only thing that you are doing is adding to the stores profit margin.  Sure I have heard all the sales talk about how a lens filter will protect the …

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Autofocus Microadjustment on the 70D

I decided that I would do a Autofocus Microadjustment on my 70D for my Sigma 150 – 500.  I was happy with how the lens and camera focused but was finding I had many shots that were sharper just to the front of the subject, and after talking to a photographer this past weekend in …

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Canon 70D Update on the new camera

Well I have had the Canon 70D for over a month and thought that I should do an update on my thoughts.  I can say that so far I have not had a problem with this camera (and the 18-135 lens).  I am very impressed with the quality and the way it functions, now for …

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