Hot pixels – how to fix

I found when I was doing a video that one of my camera’s had several hot pixels. So I set out to find out if they could be fixed. Surprising even me there is a possible fix for this. It is a simple one minute procedure that you can try and see if it works on your camera.

If it works you solve a problem at no cost and if it doesn’t work you are not out anything!

This procedure does not involve doing anything with your camera that it is not designed to do by the manufacturer. NEVER do anything to your camera that your are not sure the manufacturer has designed it for. Even with this being a simple procedure do so at your own risk.

Hot pixels
A frame from my video showing the hot pixels in the circles

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Image Stabilized Lenses – Gimic or Need

Image stabilized – yes or no??

I get asked a lot about the need for image stabilized lenses. Many people also want to know if a point and shoot camera should have image stabilization.  People want to know if it is needed to get good pictures or just a gimmick and if it is worth the money?

If you would have asked me years ago I would have said outright don’t waste your money. But as I get older and I push my photography limits I have to say that I do like it.

First a little background

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My newest edition has grown up :-)

I love it when things are all grown up to be what they should be. There are times when you pick-up something that you know it fits you perfectly,  a camera, camera bag, backpack, a nice coat.  Other times you don’t know why but that thing just does not feel right.

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When should you upgrade your camera body?

Canon 70D Time to upgrade your camera
Canon 70D © Paterson Photography

When is it time to upgrade your camera body?

Many of my students ask me this question when I am teaching. Really there is no firm answer that I can give.  Unlike film cameras digital cameras have several things that can hold a photographer back from getting better pictures.  The first thing is the resolution of the camera.  If you have an older camera that is under eight mega pixels then I would say this is a good reason to look at upgrading.  There are many reasons that you may not want to upgrade. Some reasons such as if you only print four by six and five by seven pictures and never go any larger. But if you like larger prints this may be something that is holding you back.

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Full Frame or Cropped Sensor

I have written and talked about this before. But I thought that it was time to revisit the issue on full frame or cropped camera sensors. As many will know I have a number of cropped sensor cameras and I love them. But after hearing so much about full frame, and not wanting to be narrow minded, I have been looking into a full frame sensor camera.  Yesterday I had the chance to take some side by side tests using a Canon 70D and a Canon 5D Mark III. The test was done using the following settings. 400 ISO, 1/500s @ F14 using a Canon 24-70 F4 L lens (same lens on both cameras). The images were shot in RAW then converted using the same settings.

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