Canvas Prints – another finishing option

I love canvas prints, but what I am not a huge fan of is the gallery wrap look.  There are a lot of reasons for this but it is mainly the cost to produce the print and the no frame look.  Sure they look great when first produced but after being on the wall for a while they start to look like something is missing (just my opinion) without the frame.  So for years I have recommended that instead of the wrap that people mount to foam board then frame the print.  To me this is the  best way to display a canvas and as far as cost it can be less then the wrap.

So imagine my surprise when I read an article from one of the largest canvas makers suggesting that instead of wrapping your prints that you should mount them and frame them. It was like the world was finally catching up to me 🙂  🙂 They even had a big name photographer talk about how much he likes his prints mounted then framed!

Canvas costs

So what is the price difference between wrapping and mounting & framing?  Well it really depends on the size of the print and the amount of wrap.  For larger canvas wraps the cost of the canvas can be almost double without taking into account the stretcher frame or the labour!  Then if you do decide to frame it later on you are adding the cost of the frame and that really increases the price.

Over the last few weeks I have done a few new display prints in the canvas look. If you want to see the effect drop into the studio to take a look.

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