Camera & Equipment prices

In the last couple of weeks I have done my share to help the economy – a new lens, monopod and an assortment of harddrives as well as a number of smaller purchases.  One thing that I have found is that prices are really variable and that shopping around sure does pay off.  Tonight I was looking at the price of a Canon 60D for a project that I have coming up, was trying to decide if I should bite the bullet and buy a newer body and battery grip or make due with my 40D’s.  I looked at several web sites from local stores to price out the 60D body, WOW what a price difference!! All the way from $1400 down to $800.00 for the body alone (these are all local stores – no US prices).  As for the battery grip the prices were all close to the same, the only exception is that one store has a different brand that is a third of the Canon price, but this is not really comparing apples to apples as it is not Canon (will do a write up on that in a minute as I was impressed with the features of the non Canon brand).

This was also true of the hard drives that I purchased, some of the stores were $75.00 or more than other stores for the same product.  At one store they were $125.00 more for the same size drive and it was only using USB 2, the other store I went to was selling USB 3  for the lower price.

So if you are looking for new equipment make sure that you are shopping around, it will save you a lot.

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