Camera Card Recovery

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I offer camera card recovery for most types of camera cards. Losing digital images is a horrible feeling but before you panic give me a call.

I can run special recovery programs on many card types and formats. There is no grantee that I will be able to get your images back but it is worth a try.

Camera Card Recovery Cost

Prices starting at $20 – costs depend on card size, total images recovered and how corrupt the files are.

Camera Card Recovery PREVENTION

What can you do to help in recovering your files?

One thing that you can do LONG before you have a problem is practice good card hygiene. Download your files and format your card after each shoot or at least once a month. DON’T add other files or folders to your card. Don’t use your card to transport your files, download from your card and then load your files on a USB stick to take to friends or for printing. Finally get your images off your card as soon as you can.

If you do lose images…..

  • When you notice that images are missing DO NOT DO ANYTHING TO THE CARD! Do not take more pictures, do not delete files, do not format.
  • Remove the card from your computer or camera
  • Call or Email me and get me the card ASAP
  • Have a description of the images that I am looking for and the format they were shot in (jpg or RAW) and what camera they were taken with. A rough date may also help me.
  • Leave the card with me and I will run the programs I have on the cards.

I cannot guarantee that you will get your images back but there is a good chance that you will.

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