Buyer Beware!

Buyer beware – I have had a couple people contact me in the last month about photography courses.  They mentioned that they had tried other “teachers” or had called them and where VERY upset with the information that they got.

Some of the people that are teaching are not professional photographers (some have just started to take pictures and decided to start teaching at the same time),  some only have basic cameras (just bought an amateur kit camera), some are my previous students that are repeating what I have taught them  and it seems that some are giving out some misleading information.

Before taking any course do your research, make sure that you are getting someone with some knowledge to share, not someone that is quoting from a book.  Anyone that is teaching should have a very good base to start with (has used a number of cameras, lenses, flashes, etc., shot hundreds of thousands of pictures, many years of experience shooting for a living (not just snap shots when they have the time) and a very strong working photography knowledge!

If you have any questions about course, adventures, expeditions or more drop me an E-mail or call the office 403-327-1114

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