Time for a new camera?

Camera Canon 5D Mark IV with grip / battery holder.
Camera Canon 5D Mark IV with grip / battery holder.

So you are trying to figure out if it is time for a new camera, what are some of the things to consider?

5 steps before you upgrade your camera

  • First NEVER upgrade a camera before you need it!  If you are heading on vacation or have a wedding coming up in the next week, it is not the time to upgrade.
  • Second – if at all possible hang on to your old camera till you are comfortable with the new camera.
  • Third, why are you upgrading?  There are a lot of good reasons like more Megapixels, better dynamic range, better high ISO performance, etc. BUT many people when upgrading don’t really know why they are doing it and some even upgrade to a camera that is not much better than what they have now.  Take some time to figure out what you want in a new camera then compare it to what you have.  A lot of times I stay with my old gear as the new gear is not a big improvement. Also I am more comfortable with my old gear so I may as well stick with it.  If you are counting on getting a lot of money for your old gear think again, selling old gear is not as easy as you would think and the prices are usually a lot less than what you would ask for it.
  • Fourth, shop around.  There are seldom the amazing sales of year gone by but sometimes you can get a good lens included in a package deal or a few dollars off!
  • Fifth, a new camera can make a difference in many areas of photography but many times a better lens will do more for your photography than a camera body.

If you happen to have the money now to upgrade and you decide not to upgrade put it in the bank for when you need to upgrade.  The day may come when you need the new camera and it is always nice to know that it is available.

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