Waterton – Spring has sprung – April 20 2018

Spring has Sprung

The first positive signs of spring finally started to appear and I decided that I should make a run to Waterton.  I also was hoping to spend the night in the new van so I thought that it would be a good chance to do both things at once. Environment Canada changed the  weather forecast just before I left on Friday advising of very strong winds all day on Saturday so the night in the van ended up being postponed.  This early in the year strong winds mixed with lots of snow in the bush and muddy trails was more than I wanted to deal with but that did not stop me from at least heading out for the day.

Tundra Swans
Tundra Swans

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A trip to Waterton – White Turtle III

Side Tracked

So I thought that I would head out to Waterton yesterday (March 31, 2018) to get some pictures.   On the way there I made a detour to Police lake area to see what was out and about.  WELL there was a lot of snow out and about 🙂 . The main highways were good but the other roads were really covered and as I was getting closer to Police Lake the amount of snow on the roads got a lot deeper.  The best thing about it was that there was hardly anybody on the road except for a few farmers feeding cattle.

Police Lake
East of Police Lake Alberta, lots of fresh snow.

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Photo Courses, Workshop, Photo Tours, Photo Expeditions, Photo Safaris

Getting that amazing shot
Secrets to getting that amazing shot

Photo Courses, Workshop, Photo Tours, Photo Expeditions, Photo Safaris

So before I start let me say I think EVERYONE should take a Course, Tour, Expedition or Safari from me – because I am such a nice guy But what if you want to go someplace that I do not go and you want to hire someone to help with your photography, what should you look for?

First what is the difference in the above terms (unfortunately there is no hard and fast rule for what the terms mean) but here is what I generally find:

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Waterton Lakes National Park

February 19, 2017

Waterton Lakes National Park

Was a cold, windy and snowy day but still great to get down to Waterton.  A lot of snow still around causing some issues with pulling off the road.  No animals around other than the deer, I think the snow pack may have played a part in this, hard to move when the snow is so deep.

When I got down the clouds were moving in and within about 20 minutes the snow really started to come down.

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Sign your prints?????

Another question that I get a lot is “Should I sign my prints”? and “How should I sign my prints with a real signature or printed digitally”?

First let me say I DO NOT HAND SIGN MY PRINTS!!!!!!  Why? My signature is horrible!  I see so many artists with amazing signatures then there is my signature that looks like a bird flew over the print and dumped on it!  So for me a digital signature is the only choice.

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McQuillan Lake, Alberta

So many times I hear photographers tell me they have to travel a long ways to find an interesting place to take pictures.  While this is true in some cases such as if you’re looking for specific hummingbirds, polar bears, or African animals but there are lots of amazing places close to Lethbridge that you can take pictures.  This past weekend I had planned to go and take pictures in Waterton, a place that I know that I can get some good pictures but after a suggestion from one of my customers of a place even closer to home I decided to change my plans and head out on Saturday to photograph an area that I haven’t been at for years.

The place, McQuillan Lake, is more of a dugout than an actual lake but it is stocked with fish and has a lot of waterfowl that seem to visit there.  So out I went on Saturday and I was very surprised at the variety of waterfowl that were hanging around the lake.  I got to see many Red Winged Blackbirds, Pelicans, Yellow Headed Blackbirds, Mallard Ducks, Cinnamon Teals and lots more and the best part was that all this was within 20 minutes of my house, a place that I could drive to just about any day when I have a few minutes.

So next time that you have a few minutes pick a spot close by and head out to see what you can photograph.