Yoho National Park

A quick trip to Yoho.

A visit on Father’s Day to one of my favorite waterfalls. #Takakkaw Falls in Yoho National Park. Was planning on a whole weekend trip but the weather tossed a wrench into those plans but Sunday was amazing in Yoho.

Takakkaw Fall, Yoho National Park

Takakkaw Fall, Yoho National Park

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My favorite pictures from 2017

As usual I have a lot of pictures that I love from the past year but the following three are at the top of my list. Why?  I have no idea other than the amazing colors and my love for photography of old things.  The Bar U ranch is also a place that offers a lot of photo opportunities and few people to interfere with those opportunities.  I was there twice this year once was not good as the smoke covered the area making everything dull and grey.  The second time I was not planning on going but was passing by and it was the last day of the season so we stopped.

Bar U Ranch The flag

Bar U ranch – The old truck

Bar U Ranch Harvest