Trust me I’m an “EXPERT”!!!

The hairs on the back of my neck stand up when I hear words like expert or professional.   I know there are some people that have earned the title but there are a lot more that only use the name to elevate themselves or because they have a degree, but even with the degree they have zero real world knowledge.  This past week I came across another one of these people and to say that it bothers me is an understatement.

I remember years ago there was a guy that was writing books, on talk shows and giving seminars on how to raise kids.  After a couple years it was found out that he did not even have a kid, the information that he was giving was only from books that he read.  He had messed up so many parents and kids because of what he said – things like NEVER discipline you child, there is no right or wrong and so on.  All garbage that he made up or took out of context.

Last week I was helping a person with a project, I took time out of my schedule to type up a list of equipment that he should look at purchasing for what he wants to do and I talked with him a couple times.  Then he goes out to price out the equipment and runs into an “expert” at the camera place that he went to .  This expert: someone who does not shoot, who does not own a business or even handles a camera outside of work tells him that all the information that I had written was not right.  NOW who do you think would be more trustworthy someone that has been doing this for 32 years  or some salesperson that has never shot a picture for a client?  Someone who shoots thousands of images a week or someone that reads sales material from the manufacturer?

It really bothers me about this!  Some people will say anything to look better but in fact it is garbage!!!  We have universities and colleges that will hire teachers because they have a degree but in actual fact they have zero real world experience!

So the next time you are getting information about anything, check out the source!  Is the source someone that has history to back them or are they just spewing what they read or heard?  Has the person got work to back them up or are they just making it up?

Only by testing the source will we make sure that the information that we are getting is true and helpful!

Another life lesson for your business……

A couple years ago I heard a story on the radio how a large company was seeing a drop in sales and to figure out why they hired a group of consultants to look into it. It only took the consultants a short time to find out that the problem was not the products that the company sold it was the way they were priced, instead of a straight forward price list you needed a degree to figure out the price list. The company revised their price structure (NOTE: they did not reduce the prices, just made them easier to understand) and the customers came back!! They got rid of the companies idea of what the customers wanted and went with a price structure that the customer actually wanted.
This past week I had the opportunity to go out with a group of people for supper, went to a favorite restaurant for the meal and we all enjoyed it. BUT I noticed that the restaurant was empty except for our group. They offer a special deal on the day of the week that we went out and I was wondering why they were not busier, at the end of the meal I found out why. The deal was all you can eat pizza – with the stipulation that you could not take home the extra. Well a number in our group ordered pizza but only one pizza each and not the all you can eat. At the end of the meal we had a full pizza left over if you put everything together but with the policy of no take home we had to leave it. Most other nights we would have had leftovers for the next day, but not this day! It was a special but a special that really took away one of the reasons to eat out – leftovers!
I see this a lot of photographers falling into a similar trap of offering what they think the customer wants, ads like “Unlimited all day coverage”, “CHEAP prices”, “UNLIMITED digital images”. But when I talk to clients I hear that they are looking for the opposite of what photographers are selling. Clients want quality images, edited images, prints, framed prints and more. They are even prepared to pay a little more for what they want but many photographers are on a rush in the opposite direction and they do not care what the client wants.
So while the weather is cold outside and you are looking for something to do take a few minutes and look at what you are offering. Contact some of your clients and ask what they would like to see, if you are REALLY brave call some former clients or people that did not book you and ask them why, it may be a real surprise!!!!

What bird is that?????

Help to identify birds

If you have ever been out shooting with me you know my skills at bird identification is a little off. I know a few – Canada Geese, Robin, Crow and maybe a couple more but really that is it. This post is from 2015 and the program works AMAZING!!

Bird Shoot

Common Goldeneye, Lethbridge Alberta © Paterson Photography

I was sent this link by one of my clients to help identify bird species.  I gave it a try and was very impressed!!  It did miss a couple different birds, but I’m not sure if it was the type of photo I was trying to use or if the birds are not in the database yet. I was able to identify several different birds that I had photographed over the past couple months.  I thought I knew what they were and this programmed confirmed my suspicions on one, and corrected me on the other.

Bird ID

Give it a try and let me know what you think?