Running a business can be hard……..

This may come across as being a little harsh, I am sorry but so be it.

If I am not sympathetic that you are leaving photography after a year of running your business, sorry. I have been doing this for 32 years and I still have slow times but I have not quit!!

If you are serious about running a photography business, or any business, it takes a lot more than a year to get things moving!

If you are considering starting a business get ready for the long haul. It is not like a 30 minute TV show that someone starts a business and makes a killing in the first 10 minutes and then gets to go sit on the beach and travel the world for the other 20 minutes while the business pays for it!!!!

Waterton Lakes National Park

February 19, 2017

Waterton Lakes National Park

Was a cold, windy and snowy day but still great to get down to Waterton.  A lot of snow still around causing some issues with pulling off the road.  No animals around other than the deer, I think the snow pack may have played a part in this, hard to move when the snow is so deep.

When I got down the clouds were moving in and within about 20 minutes the snow really started to come down.

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Debunking another myth of photography – equipment

It seems that the more that is written about any subject the more misleading things get.  I read an article last week about a guy who did some testing with zoom lenses and prime lenses and  a lot of what he said was true, but a lot was misleading so I wanted to go through what he said and clarify it.

First what is a prime and what is a zoom lens?  A zoom lens is exactly what it sounds like, it is a lens that allows you to zoom either closer or further away when shooting.  Some zoom lenses are 10-20, 24-70, 70 – 200, 150 – 600 and a lot of sizes in between.  A prime lens is a lens that is not able to zoom they are lenses like 18mm, 75mm, 100mm, 400mm, etc.

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