Printing – to custom profile or not, that is the question!


After reading many posts on various forums about printing and using color profiles (canned VS custom) it got me thinking. I decided to do some tests to see the difference between provided profiles from Epson and paper manufacturers and the profiles that I make.


  • Epson 3880 (x2)
  • Epson P7000
  • Colormunki Photo running the new I1 Studio software

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Canvas Prints – another finishing option

I love canvas prints, but what I am not a huge fan of is the gallery wrap look.  There are a lot of reasons for this but it is mainly the cost to produce the print and the no frame look.  Sure they look great when first produced but after being on the wall for a while they start to look like something is missing (just my opinion) without the frame.  So for years I have recommended that instead of the wrap that people mount to foam board then frame the print.  To me this is the  best way to display a canvas and as far as cost it can be less then the wrap.

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Slides and negatives

I get many clients that come in asking about prints from slides and negatives. Many have heard that it is impossible to get quality prints without spending a fortune and are just checking before they toss their old slides and negatives. Then I show them some of the slides and negatives that I have scanned and printed and they are shocked.

Another slide from the late 80's
Another slide from the late 80’s that scanned and printed GREAT!

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Color Balance – Printing

Getting that amazing shot
Secrets to getting that amazing shot

Today I want to address a little about color balance. I’m not talking about corrections that we make to our photos to make them look more natural, or that we do to enhance the colors to make them look more pleasing to the eye such as warming an image up but I am talking about color balance as it effects the print that we hang on the wall.

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Paper Selection

I often get calls that ask me if I have a certain type or make of paper and most times I have to reply “sorry no I don’t”. Then I am asked why? Well there are a lot of different companies that make paper and some really good companies at that. The problem is that each paper has good qualities and bad and I have to weigh that before I bring the paper in.

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So you want to buy my studio???

This is a continuation from my post about quitting photography without putting in the effort to even get started in the business.

It is a shock to me when I have someone that is a stranger walk in and ask to buy my studio.  Over the years many people have wanted to buy it and one got to the point that he was ready to put money down.  The conversation is usually something like….

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Sign your prints?????

Another question that I get a lot is “Should I sign my prints”? and “How should I sign my prints with a real signature or printed digitally”?

First let me say I DO NOT HAND SIGN MY PRINTS!!!!!!  Why? My signature is horrible!  I see so many artists with amazing signatures then there is my signature that looks like a bird flew over the print and dumped on it!  So for me a digital signature is the only choice.

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Monitor Balancing

Well as I have said before it seems like I cover off the same things over and over, and today’s post is once again addressing an issue that I have covered off in the past.

I get people coming in regularly that tell me “My monitor is balanced, the pictures look great on my screen” or “Of course I have a balanced monitor I have a Apple”, or “I have an expensive monitor I don’t have to balance it”.

If you have not balanced your monitor with either a reference print and doing it manually or you used balancing equipment (the equipment is the best way) then YOU DO NOT HAVE A BALANCED MONITOR. Sure the colors may look good on your computer but that is it, this does not mean that your monitor is balanced! PLEASE don’t waste a lot of time adjusting your images if you have not got a balanced monitor!! I hear from people so often that the image looked great at home, then when I bring it up it looks horrible and they are so confused.

If you are unsure stop in and I can give you a printed test print and you can take it home to see if your monitor is at least close.

Also, If you have not balanced your monitor then please at least use adjustment layers in Photoshop so if they are off we can just delete them and it does not ruin your print.

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