I have always been a student of business and love reading and watching movies about business stories. One of my favorite movies is about Burt’s Bees and how one “backwoods” person could find something that he loved to do and make a business out of it. Unfortunately he lost control of the business and many stories circulate about the reasons and all and what happened to him because of it but he did loose what he loved.
Well this week I watched a movie about the beginnings of McDonald’s and it was the same thing. Two brothers started the business and in the end lost it because of business dealings. Again there are a lot of stories that circulate about everything that happened but again the ones that started it got pushed out.
It got me thinking about when I talk to other photographers about their businesses and the fact that so many are great photographers but HORRIBLE business people. As fall is approaching this is a great time to brush up on your business knowledge and skills, lets not be like others and loose out because we are not business savvy!!!
On a side note: When I watched the movie about McDonald’s I was looking at the size of the beef patties that they were frying up. Then this week I went into McDonald’s to get a simple hamburger and compared the two. You could say that the size of the patties shrunk just a little!!!!!!!!!! One patty in the movie would make three or four of the patties that they serve today!


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