Black & White Printing

Black & White Printing DONE RIGHT!!!

Well some things I miss from the old days. Food that tasted like real food, being able to talk to someone without them texting, good TV shows, etc..

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Still have some bulk loaded Black & White film from the days of shooting for the Lethbridge Herald.

Some things I do not miss. Having to find a pay phone to call home when on assignment, dial up Internet, and a lot more. 

Printing in the darkroom

One BIG thing that I do not miss is the wet darkrooms.  Sure there was some fun in getting a perfect print after a lot of experimentation. But it was a lot of work to mix chemicals, remove dust, wash prints and hang them to dry.  Add to that the strong smells and I can do without having a wet darkroom in the photolab.

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GREAT black & White printing from digital

Militray Photos, Family history, Photos restored, Black & white
Old photos scanned then printed in TRUE black & White.

Over the years I have heard from many people upset that they could not get a REALLY good Black & White print with digital photography. Especially here in Lethbridge.  Well no more!!! 

After a lot of testing and experimenting with printers, ink and papers I can do amazing B&W prints.

GREAT contrast and amazing detail. So amazing that I think they pass the quality of old darkroom prints. 

Black & white paper

I carry a high gloss media that makes amazing high contrast prints. When looking for a high contrast black & white print the high gloss paper should be your choice.

If you want less contrast in your black & white prints I suggest the Epson Luster or the Ilford pearl paper. These papers has a VERY nice non reflective surface that shows more of the grey tones. Perfect for the less contrasty image!

PLUS all papers offer true blacks and greys (no yellow or blues mixed in).

Photo restoration of Black & white pictures and negatives

Black & White Art Print

The selection of papers that I carry also offer AMAZING reproduction of OLD B&W photos.

I can scan and print your old photos or negatives in true black & white.

For print prices visit my photolab page by clicking here

If you want to see some samples of the b&w papers stop by the Lethbridge lab.

Black & White Fine grain photograph