Beware of the frauds!!!

It almost seems like every time the phone rings or I get an Email, either at home or at work, it is someone trying to sell me something or trying to rip me off.  I know it is not that bad but some days it seems like it.  The problem is that it is getting harder and harder to figure out what is legit and what is a fraud.  Had a call the other day from a nice sounding lady that started with talking about the weather and photography, she had me thinking that she was calling about photography and was on the phone for just about 30 seconds till I heard in the background more people talking on phones.  This was my first clue that something was up.  Then she started talking about one of her interests and that she was so concerned about this area (will not say what it was as it may put other groups with the same purpose in a bad light). Then she asked in the course of a long ramble if I agreed to be charged for a undetermined sum of money to support them.  If I was not listening carefully I could have agreed to this charge.

So beware the next time that you get ANY phone call (or for that matter a text or Email) that if you do not know the person that you are probably being scammed.  A few things to note and look out for:

  1. The government does not send you Emails for important things like reassessments, if they are contacting you it will be with a letter.
  2. The government does not call demanding money by Etransfer, credit cards, bit coins or wire transfers
  3. Businesses do not approach people out of the blue asking if you will do mystery shopping.
  4. Your utility company will not call or Email demanding money by Etransfer, credit cards, bit coins or wire transfers
  5. Lawyers do not send out Emails telling you that you are the beneficiary of a long lost relative (it is a lot easier to find a phone number than an Email address for someone)
  6. If you get an Email from ANY company or group asking that you sign in by using the attached link it is a SCAM!!!  A good way to check is to hover your mouse over the link they sent and see what it says.  If the link says it is from the US government and when you do a mouse over it says jonniesdoggies you know this is a scam.
  7. If it seems to good to be true, IT IS!!!![subscribe2]
  8. Microsoft does not call you to help you fix your computer, honestly they do not care about your computer
  9. Your grand kid is not in jail in a foreign country and does not need you to send a large sum of money by purchasing a credit card.  If you think that this may be in any part true, which more than likely it isn’t, ask them some questions that only they will know.
  10. Your bank does not need your help in tracking down a thief, so DO NOT give out your bank information.
  11. There is NO widow in Africa that is in jail and is Emailing you so she can give you her billions before they kill her.
  12. There are MANY great charities and causes but many that approach you by Email and phone are FRAUDS!!!!
  13. There is not a group that is currently giving away a house, trip, vehicle, large sum of money, etc, etc if you forward the Email to 20 of your friends.  Chances are they are either spreading a virus using the Email or collecting email addresses.
  14. NO company recruits by Email for a job that pays $1 million a year to people they do not know
  15. There is not a honest Christian man in Bolivia that is trying to give you millions of dollars from a friends estate so you can have a better life
  16. If your online banking, purchasing, selling, etc account was compromised go to the site yourself by using your standard login procedure NOT THE ONE IN THE EMAIL
  17. You do not win a lottery that you never entered!
  18. No honest lawyer, lottery, bank or any other institution requires you to pay money before they send you money.  Think about it, they supposedly already have your money so they could take it from there.
  19. If you do not know the person calling, the company or the cause personally BEWARE
  20. If you get a call from a group that you do know before you do or say anything ask for a number to call back, hang up, then contact someone in the same organization to confirm this person is for real.  I got a call a few years back from a person representing a group.  I had no idea who this person was and even with them knowing my information I was concerned that it was a scam.  I asked for a call back number and they refused to give it to me so I hung up.
  21. A company will not call out of the blue to verify your username and password.
  22. If a company emails saying they changed their computer system and you need to login, go to your usual login page and try it, or call the company to confirm. DO NOT use the new login they sent you if you were not expecting this to happen. When companies do make a change like this they will let you know months in advance.
  23. If you get a Email saying your login is being locked out DO NOT use the link in the email.  ALSO if the email is from a bank you do not deal with do not give them your personal information, they do not need it.
  24. Groups do not randomly pick pictures off the Internet for contests and want to wire you thousands of dollars for a prize
  25. If there is a banker in the middle east trying to smuggle $550.6798 million dollars, or any sum, out of a country (which I doubt there is) why would you trust him with your banking information if he is trying to smuggle something?
  26. There is no sick boy in Argentina that has to buy a liver and needs you to send bit coins to him.
  27. and finally (yes again) …….. If it seems to good to be true, IT IS!!!!

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