Banff – Johnson Canyon

I am not a big person for the town of Banff, I try to stay away as much as possible from the town as it is too busy for me.  That being said I love the park!  One of my favorite drives is the old #1 highway from just past Banff to Lake Louise.  Then a stop at the bakery in Lake Louise and life is good.  This past trip I wanted to do some photography around Johnson Canyon and the weather was perfect.  I would have liked to stay longer but as the smoke moved in from some forest fires in B.C. I moved on.

My ranking scale

0 Nothing, does not have

1 Poor to 10 GREAT (selection and value)!!!!!

Accommodations (Hotels, Hostels, Motels, Lodges) – 10 – Lots of  motels and hotels to choose from.  At Johnson Canyon you have a couple of choices nearby.

Camping (camp spots and amenities) – 10 – Again a huge selection around Banff, only one campground at Johnson Canyon but a couple more close by.  GREAT staff at the campground.  Washrooms and campground very clean.

Family oriented (Playgrounds, Family hikes, Theater programs, etc) – 7 – No playgrounds in the campground for the kids (that I could see).  Great hike up Johnson Canyon, biking, rafting nearby.

Amenities (grocery, snack bar, boat rentals, etc) – 4 – Take your supplies with you if you are staying at Johnson Canyon.  Banff and Lake Louise are both close by.

Photography (locations, wildlife, etc) – 10 – Great selection of waterfalls at Johnson Canyon.  A nice hike, if you are up for it do the hike early am or late pm for the best lighting.

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