Balance your monitor

Do you need to balance your monitor? Well as I have said before it seems like I cover off the same things over and over. Today’s post is once again addressing an issue that I have covered off in the past.

I get people coming in regularly that tell me “My monitor is balanced, the pictures look great on my screen”. Or “Of course I have a balanced monitor I have a Apple”. Or “I have an expensive monitor I don’t have to balance it”.

If you have not balanced your monitor with either a reference print and doing it manually. Or you used balancing equipment (the equipment is the best way) then YOU DO NOT HAVE A BALANCED MONITOR. Sure the colors may look good on your computer but that is it. This does not mean that your monitor is balanced! PLEASE don’t waste a lot of time adjusting your images if you have not got a balanced monitor!! I hear from people so often that the image looked great at home, then when I bring it up it looks horrible and they are so confused.

If you are unsure stop in and I can give you a printed test print and you can take it home to see if your monitor is at least close.

Also, If you have not balanced your monitor then please at least use adjustment layers in Photoshop so if they are off we can just delete them and it does not ruin your print.

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