Autofocus Microadjustment on the 70D

I decided that I would do a Autofocus Microadjustment on my 70D for my Sigma 150 – 500.  I was happy with how the lens and camera focused but was finding I had many shots that were sharper just to the front of the subject, and after talking to a photographer this past weekend in Glacier figured that I would give it a shot (pun intended).  So I did a test shot without the adjustment and a shot after I adjusted it and was happy to see that it was now a lot sharper on the subject.  I really don’t think that it is the lens as much as the way that I shoot so now I have the focus dialed in more for me.

Am I going to do all my lenses? I am not sure.  I shoot differently with all my lenses so to do them all may cause me issues.  For now I am going to watch and see.  I may do my 70 – 200L series as I use that one a lot like the Sigma but I will have to prove to myself that it is working.

Do I recommend this for everyone?  NO!!! (Note: many cameras can only do this if sent to the manufacturer and I would not do this unless I had a lens that was giving me issues) If you can do this yourself on your camera first do some tripod tests using a tripod, then make the decision but only after a lot of tests.

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  1. A quick update, I went out shooting yesterday and used the 150 – 500 almost exclusively, when I came back I was very pleased to note that the number of soft images that I had was really reduced now that I did the autofocus microadjustment. VERY happy with this feature! Too bad that it took all these years to bring in to this level of a camera. Before this feature I may have had 10% very soft (not usable in my opinion) and another 10 – 20% that I thought could use a sharpening to make them look the best (again this is me being picky), this trip I may have had < 1% that were too soft to use and < 5% that I would say needed any sharpening.


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