Astro Photography

Astro photography, the next challenge! I always enjoy a new area of photography and this past weekend I had the chance to do some work in an area that I have really started to like. Astro photography.  Astro photography is not your typical fast paced set-up and snap a picture, it takes patience. Some of the exposures can go for hours. It is more of a set-up and wait thing. More like the old days working in a darkroom, when you had to wait till something developed.

You are at the mercy of the stars, moon and clouds.  This past weekend found me isolated in the mountains of southern Alberta. A long way from any towns or cities, with near perfect weather (few clouds, warm and no wind).  Several hours worth of work and then a nice night sleep. What more could one want?  Interested? I have some courses on this very subject! They will show you how to do this and take you in the field to do some shoots.

Here are a few of the pictures.

Star Trails Astro photography
Astro Photography
Moon Rise 1
Moon Rise 2
Moon Rise 3

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