Are you ready for ??????

It could be my upbringing, or it could just be me, but I seem to always be considering the “what ifs”. One of the big what ifs is what would I do if I suffered a major computer failure, or worse if we had a power or Internet failure that caused me to loose access to my computers, or the web, for a day, week or even a month?

Well I know a few things that I would do, first depending on the situation I would more than likely head to the mountains to camp (sorry that is my solution to many things, and it does help 🙂 )……

Actually there are a few things that I would do so lets look at what can be done in each situation and apply the “are you ready for” to some problems. This may end up being a multiple part post but lets cover a few things.

1) A major computer or local Internet failure (yes I am going to tell you to back-up AGAIN).

First before a major computer failure hits you need to prepare, and sorry but that means to back-up now before a problem happens.  Does backing up mean that you will never have an issue? No, but at least you have done something to prepare and many times a little preparation goes a long way. You could still have a crash or problem that destroys your back-ups but it is better to back-up than not!

So back-up, not only your pictures but other important information as well.  If you need to print things out, it is not a crime to have printed information.  I have files full of information that I can pull out should I not be able to access my computers, things like insurance papers, passwords, phone numbers, prescription information and more. I ran into someone the other day that had their phone crash and they lost ALL their contact phone numbers, he could not even call his wife as he never remembered her number as he always looked her up in his phone.

If possible locate information at another location.  I am blessed with having two locations (home and office) that I can keep files at.  But you can use a parents house or relative to store a folder or hard drive at.

Bite the bullet, if you do suffer a major computer failure head out and buy a new computer and get back to work if your work is on your computer. I heard about one person that when the floods hit lost their computer that they did all their photo editing on, instead of going and buying a new computer and getting back to work they waited 3 months for a repair tech to tell them that the computer was toast, then they bought a new computer and had to catch up. Same for a camera, if you are a photographer and a camera dies (well you should already have a back up camera) go and buy another camera and get back to work. The longer you wait the worse it will be to get caught up.

Understand that being without a computer may only be an inconvenience if all you use your computer for is social interaction and playing games.  Sure you cannot watch Netflix but will it kill you for a few days? NO!

Finally be prepared to go someplace to get back up.  If the problem was with your house (Internet down at your house or the block), or the power is down in your area, go to a library if you need to get in touch with others by computer, or simply wait.

Next time a major interruption out of your control.

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