Are you ready for ????? (Part 2)

Are you ready????

I stopped where I did in the last post for a reason, I wanted to address something to start this post that you have to consider carefully before you decide what type of emergency that you have.  I mentioned that if you have had a major computer crash, lost power or the Internet at your house that you could go someplace else to use the Internet, but before doing this you need to decide if you really have to?  I know people that have an emergency an hour; “this is wrong”, “that happened”, “I cannot”, “I have to” and so on.  One person I know was panicking that they did not have Internet at home, but they had a smart phone that they could still check E-mails, text and post on Facebook but they were upset and were ready to drive 20 minutes in a snow storm to a friend’s house to use their computer when in fact they did not even need the Internet.

For many the Internet is a toy, and if that is the case and it is not business or life and death then a hour or twenty, no matter how painful, and you will survive without.  If you are running a business or you need to stay in touch then that is different.

So what do you do if you have a computer or Internet problem that is beyond your control and that is wide ranging?  I have heard experts say that we are one loose wire away from a major crash of the Internet, I think that this is a little exaggerated but still a possible issue that we have to prepare for.

1 – Again it is repeating myself from other posts – make sure that you have a back up at your business or home and you are not relying on the Internet and using things like the cloud exclusively. I use the Dropbox for a number of things but each week I make sure that I have a backup at my studio.  By doing this I can still use the cloud for many things and at the same time I have a fall back plan.

2 – Keep printed copies of all your important information.  I had someone the other day say to me “Let me pull this off my web site” and after 20 tries they were looking a little concerned as they could not get their password to work to get in to the information.  You may have to do a little work printing things or writing it down but imagine if you lost access to the web for 10 days, could you survive?

3 – Keep some extra cash on hand.  If you on-line bank, use a debit or credit card and the Internet is having a big issue you have lost all access to your money.

4 – Keep some extra food, water and medication for at least 72 hours per person (myself I like at least a week, but that is me).  Sure there are grocery stores everywhere but if they cannot connect to their office to know the prices, have no power and you cannot pay for it, or you cannot get to it then it does you no good.

The point that I am trying to get out is that a little preparation is a good thing, take a few minutes today to prepare for tomorrow.

If you wonder why these two posts this week? It is Emergency Preparedness Week and this not only applies to our photo images, computers and the Internet but it applies to so much more!

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