Sunday Morning Drive

I really needed to get out for a drive last week. I have been shooting a project with another photographer for the last two weeks. It has been a lot of fun but I missed my wildlife pictures. So last week before church I headed out south of Taber to see what birds were back.

I was not expecting a lot of birds as the lakes are still frozen but I was pleasantly surprised at what were out and about.

There were a number of Snow Geese in the area and a few swans but they were more flying past then landing. As I was driving down a dirt road I hard a song that I recognized but thought it was on the radio. I shut my radio off and still heard it. It was a Meadow Lark. In the next hour I saw dozens of them sitting on fence posts and singing away.

Sunday morning drive
A welcome addition to my driive

As it was an overcast day and everything was still so brown I decided that I would shoot at a really high ISO to give the pictures a rougher look.

Sing, sing, sing

In the little water that was thawed a few Northern Shovelers came in. They are such a bright colored bird. I usually see them more in ditches then on lakes. I think they prefer the cover on smaller water sources then what they get on larger bodies of water.

A couple Shovelers found some open water
A pair of Shovelers on my drive

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