A flash to the past

Okay I admit that many days I live in the past. When I built this bottle carrier it reminded me of the old wooden ones that my Dad use to have at his gas station. Then I remembered the pop that we would go and pick up. Two pops – one was Pop Shoppe and the other was Pic-a-Pop. Bad idea to remember these as I had to set out on a quest to find them.

Pop Shoppe was fairly easy. I had found that years ago so it was just tracking it down at one of the stores I had seen it at. Pic-a-Pop was harder. I finally located the bottler and was able to track down some bottles of it. My journey to the past is complete for this project!

The Pop Shoppe

Can taste the tangy lime flavour of years gone by.


My three favorite I was able to track down

Pic-a pop Black Cherry

Black Cherry hands down the winner!

Now for my next project

I think it will be an old fashion wooden case that we had for going on picnics. We would put the dishes and cutlery in it as well as cups for hot chocolate. I think that the original one came from a food supplier that my Dad dealt with. They would give out these boxes at Christmas full of food. Back in those days most things were made of wood as they would last longer. Also plastic was either not invented or not used anything like it is today.

I cannot remember if the case was designed to be reused for what we used it for or if they were just so nice that you could not toss them out. The days before Rubbermaid! Oh the memories of days gone by!

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