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Paterson Photography Lethbridge Photographer
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The story behind our studio.... aka The Bunker
The story for our studio actually starts a number of years ago, we had a great location for our photography studio (further east on 2 ave) but we wanted a location that offered us some protection (less windows and visability) for when we were out of town on assignment.  We looked and looked around Lethbridge for a location that would be central for our customers and at the same time offer us a few less windows.

After looking for four years for a location we found our current location (1263c 2 ave s).  We fell in love with the building, it has a history that goes way back when it was a farm equipment dealership and repair depot.  The railway (something that I love) was actually only feet from the building and equipment was delivered to the building by railcar. The best thing was that it had no windows!!  When I made plans to renovate the site I wanted to keep the brick on the outside with no additional windows so the look would stay true and at the same time give us a very secure premises.  The owner of the building got on side quickly and we got the planning underway. 
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The front entrance was designed with an exposed concrete floor along with Birch accent for the wood work.  A solid metal outside door is followed by a solid Birch inside door that opens into the main waiting area.  Then things go from the old world look to a modern look that wows our visitors.  Painted in earth tones of green and brown the inside is amazing.  No outside light allows full control to show off the artwork and as well allows us to light our studio exactly as we like.  A main feature is the washroom, one that is even bigger than our last location with a wrap around mirror to allow for easy checking of make-up and hair.

A viewing room with a 51" monitor allows us to show you the proofs in the most popular wall sizes.  We also have a fantastic shooting room with 14' ceilings that allows us to have full control of the props and light in the room. From graduations,  family, commercial and much more we have the space.  To finish off the studio our backroom that houses the printing and framing has a huge loft area for storage.

So why the name BUNKER?  When we first moved I needed a way to let people know what the building looked like and the name bunker came to mind.  Since I do not want to put a lot of expensive signs out I have continued to use bunker and my clients say that as soon as they see the place they know they are at the right location.

If you would like a tour of the bunker and what we have to offer give me a call, I am sure you will love the location as much as we do!

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