We have many customers from individuals & families to corporations.  From everyday photographers wanting better images to professionals needing to know more about photography for business.  We also have all different ages from teens to 89 years young!

Below is just a small sample of the comments that we get.

Absolutely amazing!!
Great teaching, fabulous shooting.
Tina B.
It was amazing!!!!
Kerry & the girls


You are a life saver!
Will be in more of your courses!


Hello Mike, I was just writing to say that we made it home in one piece and wanted to say once more how much we loved your workshop!  As I told you at the course I have been taking pictures for years and I wanted to move forward with my photography but have never been able to do anything.

When I first heard about your course I was scared as I thought that I was not good enough, and my equipment would not be suitable, but after talking with you before the course I was excited.  Then during the course you spent so much time with us all helping us to use the equipment that we had it was amazing.  I felt like a professional photographer being mentored as an equal and it was GREAT!!!!

I do not know what part of the course I liked the best, the night time class was great (thanks for the use of the tripod), sitting around the fireplace for the morning course was great (I love fires), and the hiking was fabulous (3 hours to cover such a short distance was great as I had time to take pictures and was not rushed).

Everything about the course was way beyond what I expected.

All the best.


Don't settle for the "copies" that are trying to teach photography.  Mike is the real deal and a great teacher.
Thanks,  Mark

Thanks for everything.  from the class to the warm fire at lunch and to carrying all our "STUFF" in your truck for us.

Our next trip is Alaska and if you are available we want you to come along!

You saved a lot of problems for us, thanks for getting us out of a jam.  We now know how to use the equipment that we have.


Mike, I just wanted to let you know that I very much enjoyed the workshop that I took with you.  I have read many books and articles and that did not help.  I was ready to toss the camera, even after spending so much on it, as I was always getting images that looked horrible.

The first couple of hours on camera settings helped me to "fix" all the things that were messed up with my camera, then the next two hours taking pictures was SO AMAZING!!  I loved the different locations in Waterton and your enthusiasm for photography is inspiring!!

I would strongly recommend to everyone with a digital camera, whether they are just starting out or are a seasoned photographer to take one of you classes.


A perfect birthday gift.

You made our business retreat fun, thanks!
Jason P&G

A wonderful weekend, great pictures and a CRAZY person, what more could we want!


Mike, wanted to drop a quick line and tell you how much everyone enjoyed your talk and field trip.  You were VERY professional. Considering the people that you were working with you kept things moving and didn't let the egos effect the day.  We also wanted to thank you for keeping our event private, as you no doubt heard we are nervous doing things like this as we seldom have privacy, coming to Canada gave us the chance to get out as everyday people to see some amazing scenery. Before we booked you we had heard that you could pull this off (you know who recommended you right?) and you did it perfectly.  If you are ever down our way give us a call, we will show you around our part of the world (yes we have animals but they are the two legged kind).
Mel - yes that one :-)


WOW, you certainly do go out of your way for you clients.  I understand how your clients become friends as you treat us as friends.  Thanks for everything in helping us have a great vacation.  All the information that you gave us for Southern Alberta and BC, helping us book an RV (was a lot better than the hotels that we planned on staying in), the expeditions and everything.  We have recommended you to many people should they come up that way.



Mike, Mike,  Mike - You blew us away.  Thanks for everything.  You took a difficult group of people and let us have fun.  Out of the entire tour the one thing that I hear is "Mike ..........."  Even our bus driver and our security learned things at the course.  If you ever want to tour with us let me know.


Mike I had a wonderful time.  When my husband said that he bought me something special for my birthday I never imagined it could be so much fun.  I always loved taking pictures, Phil hates going with me to take pictures as I can take hours in one area.  Everything was great!  Loved having lunch in the camper and watching it snow - in SUMMER. Loved Red Rock Canyon!
Mrs. Bev L.  

I only brought a point and shoot and had as much, okay more fun, than the others.  Your courses do cover off all levels of photography.


A great weekend!  Amazing pictures. A great teacher and guide. Being a group of ladies (okay - older ladies) it was a pleasure having you with us to help out with things and to organize the weekend.
The Girls

Mr. Paterson, wanted to say how much we enjoyed the learning.  It was an amazing trip and your help made it perfect.  Thanks for challenging us to see outside of the box.
Tom, Shelley, Jodi, Katie and Max
(P.S. Max loved the biscuits)

Mike, you did a fabulous job.  Was great that you had the truck and camper as it was nice not having to worry about another person's schedule, or feeding someone else  Was insane organizing the week.  You helped me so much, You came in did your classes each day and helped me to keep the little sanity that I have left.
Brittany & the crew


GREAT talk.
Taber Camera Club

Yesterday was so great, I learned so much and it helped knowing some more things about setting my camera for outdoors and studio, and that my flash is broken.  Also I took an hour today and set up my studio equipment and played around with it, I am now set on Manual mode, 1/60, ISO 100, f16 and I was able to set my custom white balance. I took a couple of test shots to see how it was and WOW what a difference!!! I have now entered a whole new world in the quality of photos I will be taking I am thinking!!  I am doing a newborn photo shoot tomorrow and I am so excited now that I have a great studio light/camera setup. Thank you so much. What I learned yesterday is invaluable and I thank you again!!!!
Will be in touch to figure out that other stuff!!!