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Time for a change, a cool change or a newsletter change at least. I have used Saturday’s for a number of weeks but I wanted to try a weekday for a while. Many people are busy on a weekend and some have said they missed the newsletter.

Starting January 28 the newsletter will change to being sent out on Monday’s.

If you know people that should get this newsletter please let them know about it.

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Let me know if you prefer one day over another. No guarantee that I will change to your day but you never know 🙂

Newsletter change

Canada Geese

Canada Geese on ice. Chilling out

There is always one trying strike up the band!!!

Reminds me of a conductor at the height of a major movement, unfortunately the band is asleep on this one.

A cold January morning finds the gees flocking to the last open ice on the lake. I would rather be someplace warmer but they seemed to like the cold water. A hot tub would have been my first choice!

Stafford Lake, Alberta

Canada Geese

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Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle, out looking for lunch East of Lethbridge

A busy week at the studio with two big shoots and some teaching. This is from last weekend. I just managed to get the files downloaded and edited. Had the opportunity to see two magnificent Bald Eagles out enjoying the nice day. Years ago seeing a eagle in the summer in southern Alberta was rare but in the winter was unheard of. Now they are staying in large numbers all year. I am thinking that the reason for this is that the geese are staying and with so many geese the number of sick and dying birds is enough to sustain the eagles. In the river bottom I can tell when a eagle is flying nearby as the geese take off in huge numbers. Then a few seconds later a bald eagle comes flying down the river.

Bald Eagle

Canon 70D, Sigma 150-600 @ 600 400 ISO 1/2000 F9

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Frost, Fog & Snow

This past week saw the return of winter with several days of frost, fog & snow. Really cannot complain about this winter as so far it has been a lot better then the past two winters. A number of days of crazy wind but really not a lot of cold. So the other day when I heard about a fog warning being issued north of me I was wondering what would happen closer to home. Around 8pm I had my answer as the fog started to move in. As it did the frost started to take hold of anything it could attach itself to.


Like many other things in life I only believe it when I see it with my two eyes. So when I woke up around 4am and looked outside I was hopeful that by sunrise there may still be some frost hanging around. Went to take the dog for her walk at 7am and the fog was still hanging around making it seem like it was the middle of the night. Took a camera just in case but it was too dark to shoot anything. The good news was the fog was still here. There was also frost on the grass and no wind to knock the frost off.

Went back home to drop the dog off and head into work. As I was driving to Lethbridge I went through patches of fog. Some was so thick it was hard to see the side of the road. In other areas the fog had moved on but there was not a lot of frost. As I passed the research station east of Lethbridge everything came together. In fact I had passed the turnoff to the station when I realized that it was a perfect layer of frost on the trees and fog in the air. Took the next turn and I headed back to check out some possible shooting locations.

High level bridge Lethbridge and frost
My favorite high level bridge and frost pictures

The Bridge??

I love shooting frost pictures! The problem is that I usually find myself drawn to the high level bridge and I have overshot that. So looking for a new location and photo subject was high on my list for this frost. The trees and the right amount of fog at the research station was perfect for what I had in mind.

After taking a few sample shots I knew that the light was perfect for the look that I wanted. Many times with fog it is either too thick that it overpowers the real subject or it is to thin and does not show.


I spent the next several minutes shooting the scene that I had in my mind. The road proved to be perfect and the fog kept working with me so I was having a great time.

Frost and winding road
Frost and winding road
As much as I liked the road and frost in the first pictures I LOVE the trees in the distance in this picture.
As much as I liked the road and frost in the first pictures I LOVE the trees in the distance in this picture.
Of the three pictures this is my favorite!
Of the three pictures this is my favorite!

Once I was done at the Research Station I wanted another road picture. I decided that Parkside Drive would be my next stop. I was happy that I chose this as it gave a completely different look than the research station. With the long straight road leading of into the distance.

Parkside Drive, Lethbridge
Parkside Drive, Lethbridge

When I finished shooting and went back to the studio to edit the images I fell in love with the vertical image. I have a number of frames but one, called a stand out, looked perfect for this print. I printed the image as a 24×36, laminated then mounted it and once in the frame it truly looked finished! While most people had suffered through the fog on their way to work the fog gave me a number of great memories.

The finished framed frost picture!
The finished framed frost picture!

Point & Shoot Photography Course

Do you have a point and shoot camera and would like to know how to get better pictures? Are you interested in some quick tips to improve your photography? If so this course is for you!!!!

Point and shoot camera - all ages of cameras welcome

Taught by professional photographer Mike Paterson. With over 34 years photography experience and with training from Langara College, Kodak, Fuji, Nikon, Canon & Adobe.

I will go through your cameras menus and functions with you, correcting any that can be improved upon. Give you suggestions to get better images as well as ideas to improve your photography. I will also cover how to save your images from your camera card to your computer, USB or disk. If you like I can also transfer your files to a DVD during the course cleaning off your camera card to allow you to take more pictures. ($5 DVD charge)

Suitable for all levels of photographers with a point and shoot or a hybrid camera.

Basic course 1 hour for $50

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Macro Photography Course

Macro Photography – now a one on one class

Crocus #1 2017 Macro photography in the sun!
Crocus #1 2017

Do you want to learn how to improve your macro images? Would you like to spend a few hours learning more about your camera and how to do macro photography? This workshop is for you!!

This course will get you on the right paths shooting macro images. From pictures inside during the cold winter months to shooting the flowers and bugs of summer macro will open an entire new world for your photography.

The workshop starts with some teaching on cameras, equipment and technique. Then you will spend time shooting several macro subjects. After shooting I will then critique the work on the big screen advising how to improve your shooting and how to correct the images for the Internet and print..

Do all this in the warmth and privacy of the studio!

Cost $80 plus GST for 2 hours

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