Slide & Negative Scanning

Slide & negative scanning does not have to be scary or difficult. I get many clients that come in asking about prints from slides and negatives. Many have heard that it is impossible to get quality prints without spending a fortune. They are just checking one last time before they toss their old slides and …

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Spring Birds

Some of the spring birds I saw from a drive this past weekend.  East of Coaldale. It is amazing how one day you can look and not see a bird then the next day they are everywhere! With all the fields flooding the returning birds are finding lots of open water to land in.  A …

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Staying ahead of the workload

I get asked a lot how I can stay ahead of the huge workload that we get at certain times of the year? Believe me it is easy to fall behind so for the next few days I will be giving out some tips on staying caught up.

Tip 1 – Don’t put off to tomorrow what you can do today!

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Exposure Chart

I have been wanting to do this exposure chart for a long time. Seeing that today is a snow day it was a good day to work on it. It is not designed to be a 100% complete with or is it to explain everything. It is a good cheat sheet to help when shooting …

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Lethbridge River Bottom

The Lethbridge river bottom, lots of shoots close to home. Staying home can be a good thing some days! 

March 4, 2018 saw me needing to get out and take some pictures and after a huge dump of snow the Lethbridge river bottom seemed like a good place that was close enough to home to get to.

The good thing with shooting close to home is that if the subjects are not cooperating you have not spent a lot of time and money driving. The other nice thing is that you can go back easily if you find a sweet spot. Sometimes we just feel that if we are not driving a long distance that it is not as exciting.

Male Pheasant in The Lethbridge River Bottom
Male Pheasant – The Lethbridge River Bottom

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