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Do you have a web site? Many of you know I design web sites mainly for myself and a few clients that have become friends. Doing this has given me the chance to see the bad side of web design and hosting!  In the past couple of weeks I have been contacted by people with huge issues with their web sites. So here is a post about what to watch out for so you do not get stuck or worse…..

Some thoughts

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Free security and a little piece of mind

Free security for a camera card! The other day a client came in and told me he lost a camera card. This is something that I have always worried about.  It was not a wedding or a family shoot so that was good. But it had a lot of potentially valuable images that he had just shot.

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My newest edition has grown up :-)

I love it when things are all grown up to be what they should be. There are times when you pick-up something that you know it fits you perfectly,  a camera, camera bag, backpack, a nice coat.  Other times you don’t know why but that thing just does not feel right.

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Staycation, How about Stayphotos??

How about Stayphotos! By now we have all heard of Staycations, where instead of traveling you stay closer to home to have a vacation. But I would purpose to you Stayphotos.

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Waterton May 2017

A trip to Waterton May 2017. Some places I look forward to going to but when I get there I am disappointed.  Waterton is one of those places! There is soooo much to photograph that I get overwhelmed with it.

Waterton May 2017
Waterton Lakes National Park May 2017

This past trip I showed up in Waterton on Friday. There was so much to do that I lost my focus.  Sure I got some good images the first day but I was not focused enough to actually concentrate. I missed many pictures while I wasted time on pictures that I should have passed over.  This is something that I tell all my students. “You need to focus and have a plan of attack” and Friday I was just so happy to get to Waterton that my plan went down the drain as soon as I got there.

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