Batteries – Rechargeable or not rechargeable that is the question!

Rechargeable or Non rechargeable?

Today’s cameras mostly all take a rechargeable battery pack so we really have no choice as to what type of battery to put into our cameras. But if you look at all the other items that take batteries it can really be hard to decide what to buy to power these power hungry accessories.  A few of the accessories that I have that take batteries either at the studio or in my camera bag are:

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Trying to survive cabin fever!!

I work hard at surviving cabin fever. I have been trying to get out camping all winter and nothing. Have gone out to take pictures of wildlife and again nothing.  Was so happy the other day that I saw some wildlife appear, saw an eagle, some hawks, some waterfowl and yes some gophers.

Gopher in snow
Gopher out for a early spring walk #1

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Spring getting closer!!!!!

Common Goldeneye Spring getting closer

The weather outside is frightful but spring is getting closer. Goldeneyes starting mating dance and battles. Was so nice to get out shooting today even with it being -10! Funny how a good day of shooting even in the cold will make me feel so much better. I would still like it to get warmer but I am happy for a few days. As an added benefit when it does warm up a few degrees then it feels even warmer.

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Mike Paterson Professional Master Photographer

Several weeks ago I had a discussion with a photographer about getting a designation with a national photography organization, then two weeks ago another photographer came in asking almost the same thing and again last week another photographer asked how to get a designation like Professional or Master Photographer.  I thought this was funny then today while reading a news feed I see a photographer using the designation of Master Photographer so I did some research on what does all this mean – names like Professional or Master when it comes to photography.

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