Sign your prints?????

Another question that I get a lot is “Should I sign my prints”? and “How should I sign my prints with a real signature or printed digitally”?

Hand sign?

First let me say I DO NOT HAND SIGN MY PRINTS!!!!!!  Why? My signature is horrible!  I see so many artists with amazing signatures. Then there is my signature that looks like a bird flew over the print and dumped on it!  So for me a digital signature is the only choice.

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Lethbridge City Hall Build

The building of the Lethbridge City Hall is another event that I wish I would have taken the time to photograph more.  Here are a couple photos from when #Lethbridge city hall was under construction.

I had the chance to pass the job site many times on the way to and from assignments. Unfortunately it always seemed that when the light was the best I did not have the time. When I had the time the light was not cooperating. Planning for a perfect shoot of the build just never worked out.

Build 1 Lethbridge City Hall
Build #1 © Paterson Photography Ltd. Lethbridge
Build 2 Lethbridge City Hall
Lethbridge City Hall Build #2 © Paterson Photography Ltd. Lethbridge

Humidity – not just another number :-)

Many things in life amuse me, many you really do not want to know. But this last cold snap I got amused by of all things humidity….. or in my case lack of humidity!!!!
Humidstat to measure humidity
Humidistat © Paterson Photography Ltd. Lethbridge

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Is it a good picture??

Getting that amazing shot, is it a good picture
Secrets to getting that amazing shot.

Is it a good picture? Many years ago I followed a photographer that was on the cutting edge of photography. Or at least he was for that time.  He shot many of the rich and famous and was very in demand for his “look”.  Then started a web site that I belonged to. I followed all his teachings on all things from equipment to lighting to posing.  He had a lot of good ideas and I truly respected him and his teachings.

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Coaldale water tower – Some more from days gone by

In the process of cleaning up some old files and came across some more old negatives of the Coaldale water tower.

Coaldale Alberta

Removal of the water tower, shot on film then scanned. I always love it when I come across old negatives or even digital files. History is important and loosing it is worse than loosing the original structure. When we forget something it is gone. For us and for future generations will never get to know what the past was like. Most of the small towns on the prairies are gone forever. Many of the grain elevators are gone, only by pictures can we walk to the past!

WTR1 Coaldale water tower
Coaldale Water Tower Removal #1 © Paterson Photography Ltd.
#2 Tower Removal © Paterson Photography Ltd.
WTR3 Coaldale water tower
Tower Removal #3 © Paterson Photography Ltd.

Grain elevators, our history

The rest of MR PORCUPINE!!!!!

Finally got the rest of the images edited from Mr Porcupine shoot.  Cannot believe how wimpy we are as humans and these animals do so well in the cold.

#Canon 70D

#Sigma 150-600 @ 600


Shot on Aperture Priority to keep my minimum aperture at F9 (my len’s sweet spot)

Hand held using vehicle frame to steady camera/ lens and my shivering 🙂

I looked for a porcupine for years and always missed them. People would come in and say they saw on or two in an area and by the time I got there they would be gone. FINALLY!!!

A nice light snack. © Paterson Photography Ltd.
Some bark a day will keep the cold away! © Paterson Photography Ltd.
What are you looking at? © Paterson Photography Ltd.

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