Full Frame or Cropped Sensor

I have written and talked about this before. But I thought that it was time to revisit the issue on full frame or cropped camera sensors. As many will know I have a number of cropped sensor cameras and I love them. But after hearing so much about full frame, and not wanting to be narrow minded, I have been looking into a full frame sensor camera.  Yesterday I had the chance to take some side by side tests using a Canon 70D and a Canon 5D Mark III. The test was done using the following settings. 400 ISO, 1/500s @ F14 using a Canon 24-70 F4 L lens (same lens on both cameras). The images were shot in RAW then converted using the same settings.

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Better business / better life

From Pastors to counselors, from business professionals to industry leaders. I have listened to dozens if not hundreds talk about not only having a better business but about having a better life overall.  One of those that I loved to listen to was Zig Zigglar. A strange southern person but a person with a lot of very relevant things to say.  One thing that I heard many years ago, and something that at the time went in one ear and out the other was. “You can have everything in life that you want if you help enough others get what they want”.  It was something that at the time I brushed off as being just another one of those sayings that Zig used. But since then it has come to be so much more.

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