Getting an amazing shot

I’ve been involved with photography for over 30 years, and even with all the modern technology of digital cameras, editing programs, and all of the information that can be found on the Internet there are still some issues with photography that have been with us for years. One of the top 10 questions I get …

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Always back-up – even your passwords!!!

I have written many times about making sure that you back-up your digital files but I also want to remind you to back-up your passwords, as well as to use passwords that are not easy for others to guess.  I know that many say you should never write down your passwords but lets be realistic, …

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There’s no free lunch!!

There’s no free lunch is a saying that I’ve heard since I was a little boy, and it rings as true today as it did those so many years ago.  I was just doing some work on one of my blogs and updating a few of the programs and I found what was called a “free” app that I thought I would install.  So I installed the app, activated it, and then I got the request for extra information that they require before I could use this “free” app. So what is all this information that they require?  First they wanted my e-mail address, then they wanted my name, my age, occupation, sex, country of residence, then they wanted me to sign up for their “free” newsletter.

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Focus Test (repost)

This is a repost from January as I have people that are looking for the test sheet and wanted to bring it back up front.

One of the great things about this time of the year, especially when it is a blizzard, is that I have time to catch up on projects.  Yesterday after a shoot I did some research on doing a focus test on my lens and came across a great video about a different way of checking the focus on your lenses.  Now before I go any further let me say a couple things; one is that not all cameras can do what I am going to describe in that you can adjust the focus yourself and two I am not recommending the guy that is doing the video (I only watched this one that he did and it looks like he has done dozens) other than this is the best video that describes how to do a lens focus check that I have seen and it is explained perfectly.

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Buying quality, the search can be worth it!

Buying quality, the search can be worth it!

I am not sure if quality is going out of style, prices are just getting ridiculously high for mediocre items or if it is just me, but I am finding it a lot harder these days to find the quality products that I actually want to spend my money on. This is true in many areas of our daily life as well as photography and it can be really frustrating!

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Help to identify birds

Help to identify birds I was sent this link by one of my clients to help identify bird species.  I gave it a try and was very impressed!!  It did miss a couple different birds, but I’m not sure if it was the type of photo I was trying to use or if the birds …

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