We are responsible………..

First let me say that I really feel sorry for the lady that I am about to mention, it makes me sick to think of what she is going through. But with that being said we are responsible as photographers to do everything in our power to protect the images that we take.

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White Balance

Well when I get one person asking about something I usually get more so I thought that I would talk quickly about white balance (may do a picture or two to add to this later).

Question: “Why are my pictures such a strange color lately?   Is / could my camera be broken?”

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Mike’s tip of the week – reading a serial number

So you need to read a really small serial number and even with a magnifying glass you are having trouble. Well there are two ways to do it that will help to remove the strain from your eyes. 1 – (my favorite) – If you have a flat bed scanner put the product on the …

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