Are you an idiot????

Sometimes I pick up more from our pastor’s message then what he intends, today was one of those times.

Twice this week this has come up and it applies to all people. But so much more to us as photographers and as business people that I just have to share.

What is it:

The definition of being an idiot…. “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results each time”. This is so true and I see this in life and business all the time. As an example – If you keep hand holding your long lens and keep getting out of focus pictures maybe it is time to stop hand holding. Try using a tripod. If you keep getting speeding tickets maybe you should slow down. I know ROCKET SCIENCE!

I have a couple friends, I don’t think they read this page. They keep complaining about how this and that always is happening to them. But they go out and do the same thing over and over. I keep telling them to change what they are doing and the results will be different, but they don’t listen.

A science friend of mine keeps saying that if you want a different result then try a different combination of ingredients. Same in our lives, our business and photography – try different things so you are not an idiot. Using a tripod, monopod or even the window of a vehicle to steady your camera and lens may be the thing that you need to get better pictures. If your pictures are always poorly lit then maybe a flash or a studio light. If you are having issues with flat nature and wildlife pictures then try different times of the day.

You may not be making huge changes, but even a little change may be enough to get better results and change you from being an idiot.

We are responsible………..

First let me say that I really feel sorry for the lady that I am about to mention, it makes me sick to think of what she is going through. But with that being said we are responsible as photographers to do everything in our power to protect the images that we take.

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White Balance

Well when I get one person asking about something I usually get more so I thought that I would talk quickly about white balance (may do a picture or two to add to this later).

Question: “Why are my pictures such a strange color lately?   Is / could my camera be broken?”

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Mike’s tip of the week – reading a serial number

So you need to read a really small serial number and even with a magnifying glass you are having trouble. Well there are two ways to do it that will help to remove the strain from your eyes.

1 – (my favorite) – If you have a flat bed scanner put the product on the scanner and scan the area with the serial number.  Then it will be easy to read in either your scanning program or your photo editing program.

2 – (can be an issue and a paint his way) – Take a picture of the serial number and enlarge it in your editing program.  This can be more pain then it is worth but as a last resort may be helpful.

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