Bad photos… is it the photographer???

So you hired a photographer and you now have bad photos, so is it the photographer or is it you????

Over the years being in the photography industry I have taken many photos and have talked to many clients and photographers. I have heard many times from clients that they had hired a photographer before coming to me and they were really unhappy with the photos (never heard from most after I took the pictures what they thought of the work that I did), I have also talked to a number of photographers that have told me they heard that one of their customer’s were unhappy with the work they did.  So after a recent incident a client of mine had with another photographer it got me thinking of some of the problems that I have heard about, or experienced, in the past with photographers, is it really the photographer or could it actually be the client that caused bad photos?

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You wonder why your sales are down???

So your sales are down? I hear a lot of companies complain about having to deal with the big box stores or mail order companies, and I agree 100% that both of these are impacting the sales of local small and medium size businesses. A number of photographers are complaining that they just cannot survive as they are trying to compete with other photographers.

BUT there is something that is doing more to effect a decrease in sales than any of the above factors.  What is this mysterious thing that is effecting our sales?  It is plain and simply the customer service / integrity that we are offering to our customers.  In the past couple of months I have been forced to order on-line, or purchase from a box store, on a number of occasions as the service that I have gotten from local small businesses is SO BAD! I will not point out names but if you were one of the businesses that I had bad service from you will know it as I made sure to bring it up in a polite way to the manager or owner.

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Be prepared!

As many of you will know I am a preparedness nut and as this is emergency preparedness week and I would like to give you a reminder to take a few minutes to prepare. As we have seen in the past year around southern Alberta, and North America, things can and do happen that will take us out of our comfort zone.

A few things that you can do to prepare:

1) Get a 72 hour emergency kit
– Water – at least two litres of water per person per day; include small bottles that can be carried easily in case of an evacuation order
– Food that won’t spoil, such as canned food, energy bars and dried foods (replace food and water once a year)
– Manual can-opener
– Crank or battery-powered flashlight (and extra batteries). Replace batteries once a year.
– Crank, battery-powered radio (and extra batteries) or Weatheradio (as a side not a car radio is a great emergency radio as it has its own power source)
– First aid kit

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Yes I am the boss

It is a sentence that I don’t often use. “Yes I am the boss (owner, CEO, cleaner,repair guy, marketing guy, etc). I am the guy you are looking for”. Mostly I use it when someone does not expect that I am the person they have come to see.  In fact I think that the only times that I have had to use it was like today. When I was washing the floors and cleaning the bathroom and a customer stops in. There I am doing my daily & weekly janitor work.

What is most surprising to me is that some people think if you own your own business that you don’t do the dirty jobs.  It may come as a shock but I do more housekeeping being the “boss” than most employees do at their jobs.  That involves cleaning the floor, toilet, sink. Taking out the garbage, filling holes, painting, replacing light bulbs and a lot more. Being the “boss” does have some advantages. But at the same time it also means that there is no one else above me to do the work or look after the problems.

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