The search for the disappearing files…….

The disappearing files.

I have had a couple clients in the past month ask me the same question `What happened to my files? I went to transfer the files from my camera card to the computer and they disappeared!!”

When I had the first person ask me I dismissed it as a fluke, when the second person asked me I thought this is weird. Well last week I had it happen to me and that was just freaky. I went and did a shoot, came back and inserted the card like I always do and went to transfer the images from the DCIM folder on the camera card to the computer. Went and helped a client then came back and found that the pictures were not in the destination folder or the original DCIM folder. Talk about a bad feeling. Ran a search on the computer and found them on the camera card but not in a folder. I have checked and cannot find out why this happened (more than likely an issue when dragging and dropping) but it sure makes you a little concerned when this happens.

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