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Printing Services.......
" My job is to make your photography look great in print "
I print for professional photographers, businesses, industry and individuals - ANYONE that needs a quality print I can help, includes friendly helpful service at no additional charge !
Anyone can put an image to paper, only a custom lab can make it look great!!
Paterson Photography Ltd, Lethbridge's best custom photo finishing lab!
Professional printing at prices that you will love!

Don't settle for cheap drugstore or discount prints show your work the way it should be!
Would you like to learn more about my printing services?

If so this link will take you to a video that I did about my services, Click here.
We can print from wallets up to 44"x 100"       Find out why we are your best choice for photo prints, call us today.

Give us a call today    403 - 327 - 1114                                    1263C 2 Ave South

Behind Ferguson Paint on the west side of the building

If you would like us to make your prints the best they can be you can get your images to us in a number of ways.

1- Bring your images into the studio on a camera card, USB stick, CD or DVD
2- Email your images to us at mike@firstchoicephoto.ca
3 - Upload your images to Dropbox and then share with us at mike@firstchoicephoto.ca