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The Company
Started in 1985 by Mike Paterson, Paterson Photography quickly grew to be one of the leaders in the photography industry in Lethbridge and southern Alberta.  Paterson Photography has always been on the cutting edge of the photo business and continues to be so, even today.  One of the first studios to enter into digital photography in Lethbridge back in the early 90's, today we are leading the industry in offering photo solutions to individuals, companies and organizations.  We offer the most advanced equipment available, plus great portrait ideas.  We know that you want professional portraits for your graduation, wedding, family portraits, commercial or advertising  and that is what we offer.  No hard sells, no rude staff,  but easy to understand pricing, a professional studio and professional service.

At Paterson Photography we pride ourselves on offering high quality portraits and friendly service.  We have been owned by the same person since 1985, making us one of only two Lethbridge studios that have been around for that long under the same owner.  While many come and make a big flash, promising more than they deliver then disappear a short time later,  we have been proven to be the best by the time we have served Lethbridge and southern Alberta!

We understand that a portrait is a special event for each of our clients. We also understand that each client is special.  That is why we have made advancements in every area of our business.

Some of the benefits of Paterson Photography

- We provide complimentary minor retouching and enhancements to all your portraits at no additional charge (we were the first to offer this in southern Alberta!!)
- A great Lethbridge studio with multiple backdrops, waiting room, viewing theater and more
- No location charges within Lethbridge, Coaldale and Coalhurst
- Location work all over Canada including Cardston, Taber, Waterton, Calgary, Edmonton and more
- Same day high resolution digital images for our commercial customers (No additional charge)
- In house framing
- High resolution display signs & posters printed at the studio in Lethbridge
- Print restoration (from wallet prints to as large as you can imagine)
- Print archiving
- Photography classes, courses, workshops, adventures - Lethbridge, Alberta, western Canada and the world
- A Lethbridge Photography studio that also covers all southern Alberta including Waterton, Cardston and more
- Plus much, much more

Along with the advancements that we have made in the photography industry Paterson Photography has also made advancements in a number of other areas.  We now offer complete solutions for business card design, marketing materials and more.  When you need professional business products, look no further than Paterson Photography.

We would be honored to serve you……

The Team At Paterson Photography Ltd.

The Photographer

Mike Paterson has lived in southern Alberta for over 34 years.  Moving for a time to Waterton, then to a ranch outside the park, Mike's nature and wildlife photography took off.  Shooting all around western Canada Mike was hooked, not only on the photography, but the how and why's of photography.  Moving to Calgary allowed Mike access to some of the leaders in the photography industry as well as many opportunities to shoot a variety of assignments.

Along with the love of photography, Mike also had a love for the developing and printing of the film.  "Seeing a image develop, changing it to what you want, and getting a perfect print is unbelievable."

Soon after settling back in Lethbridge and locating his studio at 1506 2nd Ave S, Mike was hired as a photographer with The Lethbridge Herald and helped the Herald out with many assignments while growing the studio.  During many years working for the Herald Mike had numerous photos in the Lethbridge Herald, as well as photos in publications such as Lethbridge Living Magazine, Readers Digest, Alberta Report, numerous professional Emergency Services Publications and many other publications.

The early 90's found a new trend starting in photography studios, Digital. Mike wanted to know more about what was happening.  During a business trip to Vancouver Mike had a chance to try one of the first digital studios and was impressed with what he saw.  Spending a lot of time researching digital Mike tried a couple of digital systems to add to his traditional studio.  Dabbling in digital was not enough and in the late 90's Mike jumped into digital all the way.  Converting his studio to 100% digital in 1999.

The jump to digital also opened up a number of other doors for Mike.  Mike was introduced to one of the top Adobe experts in north America and this created a desire to know more about photo restoration and retouching.  Now with Photoshop training at Langara College and numerous courses directly from Adobe, as well as many thousand of hours working on photos Mike is passing on his knowledge to others.  Mike offers courses, not only in Adobe Photoshop, but also in digital photography, traditional photography and many more areas.  Mike's teaching has him traveling all over western Canada teaching for some of the largest corporations, and helping individuals to get into digital.

In 2002 Mike opened a custom printing division, catering to the advanced amateur and professional photographer as well as many graphic companies around western Canada.

Then in 2005 Mike made the difficult decision to reduce the work that the studio would handle as space had become extremely tight (bursting at the seams was an understatement).  Late 2006 a perfect location became available, the remodeling of the new location was not the quickest, but the new location was well worth the work.  Now with one of the nicest studio's anywhere Paterson Photography is growing again.

Mike is happy to be of service to people around western Canada. As well Mike is pleased at being one of only two photographers to have served Lethbridge for over 30 years.  Give Mike a call today, a Lethbridge photographer that will be around tomorrow.

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