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Q & A
Q)     How much experience do you have?

A)     I started taking portraits in 1985.  Since that time I have worked in many areas of the photography industry, from taking portraits, printing, teaching and much more.  Unlike many photographers I do what I do because I like to, not because I have to. At Paterson Photography you are hiring an artist, not just a name.  The work that you see is the work that is done by Mike Paterson, not an assistant, an extra or another photographer.   Be careful when booking a photographer, make sure you are seeing work that they have done (not only in person, but on the web as well).

Q) What areas do you work in?

A) I am involved in a number of areas in the photo industry, not only do I love taking pictures, but I do consultations for a number of businesses (local, national and international), teach photography, print for a number of artists and photographers and more.  I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others just about as much  taking pictures.


Q) What is this that I have heard about your environmental program?

A) A few points about this are;

1998 - Eliminated the use of chemical sprays in the coating of prints.  Reduced CFC's to 0 when printing.
1999 - Eliminated the use of film developing chemicals. Switched to digital capture, no more film to develop.
2000 - Eliminated ALL photo chemicals as we switched to digital printing.
2001 - Switched to low wattage lights in the studio.
2002 - Implemented a shut down procedure that shuts off 75% of power usage when we are out of the studio.
2005 - Reduced gas usage, and increased exercise, as we started cycling around town to run errands.  A run to the bank, or to pick up office supplies can be done just as fast on the bike as in the car, and it reduces our impact on the environment.
2006 - On days when we are shooting only in the studio we started riding to work on our bike. Again this helps reduce the environmental footprint that we have.
2007 - New studio, more weather proof (No big windows letting heat out), new furnace, air conditioning.  New program that will eliminate 99% of electricity use when we are out of the studio.  The only equipment that will be drawing power will be the security system, all other systems shut down when the studio is unoccupied.
2008 - More props and the addition of mare printers
2014 - Added another printer and a full stock of flat paper stock and the widest selection of media on southern Alberta

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