After your wedding the next biggest event in your life will be the birth of your children.  Don't let this event pass without professional images of this precious time.  Ladies that have had a maternity portrait are so happy that they took the time to do this to remember this special time.

It is a time to remember and look back on with joy and happiness.
Plus, a maternity portrait is a great gift to hand down to your kids as a family keepsake.


The best time to do your portraits is in the seventh or eighth month, but you should call ahead to make sure that you can get an appointment for the time that you want.

All our portraits are done in the privacy of our studio and viewed on our theater viewing system.  You can choose your portraits and the enhancements that you like and have the final prints ready in just one week.

Call today  403 - 327 - 1114


Maternity Portrait Packages

 All the packages below include the sitting fee and minor retouching, another added bonus when you use Paterson Photography.

You want the best and Paterson Photography delivers the best, a perfect match.

To purchase the sitting alone,
The first sitting is $45.00, then $15.00 for each additional grouping done at the same time.
Additional portraits may be added to any of the above packages.

Individual Portrait Prices

Album/ Desk Portraits
8 for $26.00
4 X 5
5 X 7
8 X 10
Wall Portraits
11 X 14
16 X 20
20 X 24
20 X 30
Specialty Portraits
Photo Cards
$ 45.00 Per Dozen

*  All portraits come with minor retouching included

* Canvas Portraits Truly Are the Top Line in Portraits. Printed on Artist canvas these truly do become masterpieces.

* Premiere Portraits are mounted on a ridged acid free backing to aid in framing.  Premiere portraits are a must if you want to frame your prints.

* Custom portraits are great for albums, for framing we recommend a Custom Portrait.

* Portrait Prices Do Not Include GST.

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